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Monday, September 26, 2011

Time Spiral - Chapter 14

Enter Venser of Urborg!

Time Spiral - Chapter 14

It worked. Parts of the engine might be fused and the steering mechanism is cracked, but it worked. Most successful trial yet.

However there is no time for Venser to revel in his success. It's time to pry open up a panel, take out the powerstone, and get out of here. Lord Windgrace has forbidden artifacts within his territory and his gladehunters are trained to both destroy the machines and kill artifices on sight. The edict would never stop him however, this was where all the parts were to make his machines, and his work must continue.

He retrieves the stone, but not quick enough for a clean getaway. The clicking noise signals the arrival of the gladehunters. He ducks and spots two pairs of creatures, with all four bearing Lord Windgrace's mark. Two of them were mantis-like with two tails while the other pair had larger, wedge-shaped heads and more legs than he wants to count.

The artificer runs through the list of what tools he has on him that can possibly be used as a weapon, but none would do. He'll have to run and hope he is more familiar with the area than they are and hope luck is on his side.

As it turns out, perhaps more than luck can save the day. A voice speaks directly inside his head and tells him to stay still. Then a whirling wheel of fire spins towards the hunters like saw blade and he runs when the voice tells him to run, and stops when it tells him to stop. While this is all going on, figures blur in and out of sight battling with the hunters. The most terrible one of all is a woman surrounded in green and yellow fire that delights in taunting the creatures, teasing them by voluntarily fighting against them one handed, and then tearing off body parts of one of them with her bare hands while it's still alive.

She tosses one of the creature's tails at him as proof that it's dead, and he tries to run away form the insane elf when he but he bumps into a mage in blue and white robes behind him. The mage addresses Venser by name, and the last thing he hears before he passes out is that these strangers have come to see him.

* * *

Venser, Artificer

Time Spiral Block is one of the blocks where I was in my Off Mode when it came to playing Magic. I hardly have any of those cards, but I do have some Vensers . I'm sure there's a card somewhere that says that he's from Urborg, but I had no idea. Urborg is swamp and forest! He's blue! It don't make total sense, but I'm glad he's around.

Considering that Scars of Mirrodin: The Quest for Karn was the first book I did a Read Through for on this site, I'm also very eager to see how this Venser matches up with that Venser. Already I can see some major differences between the two in terms of backstory and personality. This brings up the question if I should ever go back to a Read Through and put and labeled Update on any impressions I have.

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