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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Time Spiral - Chapter 13

Teferi and crew head off to find the next piece to their puzzle.

Time Spiral - Chapter 13

"Welcome to Urborg ," Teferi said.

The sulfuric stench was the first thing that hits them. Next is the depressing atmosphere. Teferi promises they won't be here too long. In the distance a mountain and Stronghold atop it. During the Invasion, the entire mountain, Stronghold, and invading army were transported here, and it took all of Dominaria's might to fight them off . Teferi waves his staff and the rift that was only visible to him, becomes visible to all. Through the rift they can see an Urbrog from a time past when it was covered with metal and wires, when the invasion had occurred.

As for the true reality of the place, all manner of Phyrexian pieces are scattered throughout the swamp. Enough that if they were all reassembled, hundreds of Phyrexians could be created. Teferi let's them know the Phyrexians are all dead when Aprem brings up the question, but there are plenty of other dangers around so they better get moving. He summons a platform of blue light and floats them toward the mountain and the rift.

As they get closer, Teferi senses something. A Phyrexian powerstone is active somewhere between them and their destination.

Jhoira peered out into the darkness. "Phyrexians?"

"Maybe. There was a surge of powerstone energy, but it died out. Now there seem to be a large number of... violent-minded things converging on the site of the surge."

Whatever the new creatures are that are closing on on the stone, they aren't t Phyrexians. There is nothing mechanical he can sense from them. They're still hostile though, so weapons are drawn as they their trip atop the floating platform takes them away form Urborg's swamps and into Urborg's forests..

* * *


As expected, there is a ton of history being told to us throughout this book. Some of it might be new information and I just don't know because of I have yet to read all the previous books, but I know enough of the past to recognize general events from the past. While I said there may be spoilers during this Read Through of previous books, I still want to keep this Read Through as spoiler-free as possible, so I'm just barely skimming what's being revealed. If you've read the books you don't need the information anyway, and if you're just coming across this for the first time because you don't have access to the older books and are using this as a primary source, there'll at least be some surprises when I get to the older stories. It's win-win.

Out of Her Element

I love that Radha's calmed down now that's she's in what must seem to her to be an entirely different world. No more Skyshroud and Keld for her to feel one-hundred percent secure. This is another land, and a stinky swamp, and it's better to be a tad more of a team player.

Power Stone

Who's this mystery person using the power stone? Through sheer random happenstance it's probably the person they're looking for, but what is he fighting off? If they're alive, we at least know they're not zombies.

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