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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time Spiral - Chapter 12

Time for some proper introductions with the rest of the group.

Time Spiral - Chapter 12

Freyalise was right. Navigating near the rifts was difficult at first, but isn't impossible and Teferi and Radha and return to Skyshroud. The Shivans cautiously approach, not quite sure how to greet the return of the elf considering how things were when she left. However, with the return of Shiv only days away if there are issues they need to be settled now and Teferi says straight out that if there are any grievances, now is the time to air them.

Corus with his bitten neck isn't too thrilled that she'll be traveling with them, but when she offers up her own neck to him while simultaneously resting her hands on her weapons, it's enough to break the ice he just laughs. The Ghitu warrior Dassene is already grateful that the elf saved her life during the battle so there are no problems on her end.

However Radha isn't the only issue here. Jhoira has some grievances with Teferi himself, so the others give them space to talk. She wants to know what's up with Radha and what's he's thinking. He's keeping secrets and she doesn't like it. It's clear she's not in the mood for the run around nor will she accept that he doesn't know or is still trying to figure it out. So he tells her his best guess. Radha is able to draw incredible amounts of mana from somewhere, more powerfully than Skyshroud or Freyalise can provide. The Skyshroud rift has been draining mana from the land for years now. Connect the two and the answer is simple. Radha is bound to the rift and draws mana directly from the rift itself.

And while we're talking about rifts... there are also more rifts out there. Lots more. Not only have there been numerous planeshifting and world shattering events, but Teferi suspects that every 'walk to and from Dominaria created micro rifts each and every time. The same applies to every plane in the multiverse and Shiv's return is just the final fracture in this web of fractures that will finally shatter everything. They need to start with the big fractures first, then work their way on down.

(Now that's what you call a problem.)

The answer mollifies Jhoira, and she asks that now that they have Radha, it's on to Shiv right?


Teferi needs to study this the right way. He needs to eliminate variables one at a time if possible. The Phyrexians were responsible for getting the ball rolling for Shyshroud's return before Freyalise diverted their plans, and the Phyrexians were responsible for depositing Volrath's Stronghold in Urborg. There's a rift there and he suspects there will be someone born by that rift that will have a connection to it just like Radha has a connection here. Once he has those two, they search for the third in Shiv and he'll be able to unravel this whole mess. That reasoning is sound enough for Jhoira, but one last thing. She needs to talk to the Keldon elf.

...At the forest edge...

Jhoira marched up behind Aprem and Dassene, who were facing Radha.

"Warrior," she said to the Keldon elf, "we need to prepare you for the journey."

Radha rolled her neck. "Shoo, child. Adults are talking. Go back to your lessons and your long-winded mentor."

Aprem and Dassene have some reservations of a confrontation between Jhoira and Radha, but they stand aside at Johira's command. Radha thought she was just a little girl, but the depth she can see in her eyes reveals her mistake.

Jhoira takes Corus' blade to use as an example and tells Radha that the Ghitu and Keldons share a commonality with the Keldons in the form of fire and metal. She sees that Radha's tear-shaped blades were created by Radha herself, filed down from larger swords that she's been able to pick up over the years. Jhoira explains that the forging of weapons is a key component of Ghitu life. As for fire... Jhoira extends her hands and her fellow Ghitu warriors take hold. All three yell out a wordless war cry and all three glow red as if they're about to burst into flames. The Keldon warlords were not the only ones with power.

"I don't know what you and he agreed to," Jhoira turned and gestured to Teferi, "but remember this while you travel with us. We are warriors, but we are not Keldons. This is not your warhost. You will not strike us down for looking at you or casually lop off ears and fingers to get our attention. You will not bite our throats out because we bar your path. We are your comrades, Radha. Do not make us your enemies."

Radha understands.

With that done, Jhoira tells the group of their next destination and of the plans to find someone else like the elf. What she doesn't tell them is that she knows Teferi has an end plan that he's not telling them because he knows that she'll want to stop him.

* * *

So Obvious

Of course she was tapping into the rift. What else could it be? Am I just that dense or am I just too well training to think of tapping into the land to get mana that the obvious answer wasn't actually obvious until Teferi spoke it out loud?

It makes sense, as do Teferi plans for the immediate future. Who are they going to meet next? I could look at the list of available Legends to pick from since he or she probably has a card, but I think I'll just let myself be surprised.

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