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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dissension - Chapter 19

Wrap-up time. The epilogue to the Ravnica Trilogy disguised as Chapter 19.

Dissension - Chapter 19

The Schism appears to have faded like a bad memory. Would that the memories of that fateful day the nephilim appeared would fade as fast. But as long as we remain, fellow citizens of Utvara, not even the immortal gods of the past can keep us from forging a new destiny. And your destiny includes half off all drinks at the new Imp Wing Hotel and Tavern, rebuilt and open under new management. Refreshment for the future of Utvara.
-Advertisement, the Utvara Townsman,
15 Paujal, 10013 Z.C.

3 TEVNEMBER 10012 Z.C.

After total destruction was averted, Fonn joined the group of teratogens sent to return Rakdos' body to the pit of Rix Maadi in the hopes of getting some revenge on the cultists for everything, but most of them were already busy fighting each other.

The world is safe once more and Fonn and Myc take a trip down to Golgari territory. Things were safe once again and it's time to say goodbye. Goodbye to the undead and self-zombified Jarad. The only other being besides the zombie-god that had been able to accomplish such a feat.

(More on this later.)

When they arrive, Jarad agrees that maybe it really is best if this is good-bye between the two of them. Myc on the other hand speaks up and says he still wants to be able to see his father. He wants to have a better understanding of Golgari ways. After all of the events he's gone through, and after being forced to slay the undead Lilyema, he isn't quite ready to jump back into ledev shoes. And while he's talking about his heritage, he expressed a dissatisfaction at the nature of society. He shouldn't have to just pick one side or another. People should have more freedom to choose as they like.

Fonn looks down with pride on her rather bright boy, and reconsiders her position with Jarad. He's undead but maybe he's still mostly the same person she's always known inside. Maybe they could someday at least form a new friendship again.

(So this is the point of the Lilyema death scene? To show how children can sometimes see the obvious that adults miss? *sigh* There has to have been a more elegant way to put a similar lesson without teleporting her to the castle.)

4 TEVNEMBER 10012 Z.C.

Crix looks around at Utvara. Just like that, it's already being rebuilt. Utvara will always need water and energy, and so will always need an Izzet presence. Niv-Mizzet has still cut himself off from his Guild, so it's up to her to call the shots. As Teysa's zepplid appears on the horizon she already has half the Cauldron's redesign in her head.

12 CIZARM 10014 Z.C.

Feather welcomes Agrus Kos back to life. Sort of. Kos looks at his hand and he can see right through it, but he's still able to touch and feel and breath.

It's been two years and Feather catches him up with what been going on and presents a proposal. The Guildpact is no more. It was flawed in the first place. Requiring an opposing force to fight against it to keep the magic sustainable just doesn't make sense. Now there's a new pact. A true voluntary pact that the new guildmasters have signed. It is based purely on true interactions with each other and not enforced by magic. Baroness Teysa had a big role in its creation.

And if Kos'll take a quick look out the window...

Agryem. It no longer exists in its own separate space. It merged with Ravnica and it needs someone to command the new leaguehall there. Someone who can communicate both with the living and the dead.

Szadek is also still out there, hiding in the city of ghosts. He still has his influence over spirits but he can't control them all. Someone needs to track him down and stop him, and there is no better man they can think of than Agrus Kos.

"Well," Kos said after several long, silent minutes. "It looks like I've got work to do."

* * *

Jarad, Zombie-God

I was sad when he died, but I'm upset that he's back. Savra was the true necromancer between the two siblings, not him. It would have made perfect sense if she had been the one to be able to reanimate herself and been the one dealing with Svogthir. It would even have made sense for the two relatively new guildmasters to work together as opposed to an original parun and Momir Vig.  But Jarad? His thing is bug control. He should have stayed dead.

Crix, Master of the Cauldron

I'm glad we didn't spend too much time in Utvara but her story wasn't developed enough. I was expecting something to happen with the cytoplastic healing that Dr. Nebun was performing on the patients, but it seems he really was just a good-guy trying to save who he could. If Dr. Nebun turned out to be a villain agreeing whole-heartedly with his progenitor's plan, that would have been excellent.

Agrus Kos, Ghost Commander

I'm not quite satisfied with this as well. Where did his body come from exactly? All we get is that Feather says they weren't sure "it" was going to work but are never told what "it" is. So now I guess it's his job to be in eternal conflict with Szadek. It's okay for the two of them to be eternally at war, but it's not good enough for the Guildpact? Great retirement plan.

Maybe it's just that I would have chosen to retire in peace, but for Kos he's quite happy because eternal struggle appeals to the Red side of his personality. I'm not sure how I feel about it all, but that's how it is.

The Ravnica trilogy is complete.

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