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Friday, September 9, 2011

Dissension - Chapter 17

Almost to the end!

Dissension - Chapter 17

I am not a monster.
                     -I, Loxodon (Act V, Scene 5, line 102)
                              by Montagon Trevis (6037 Z.C.)

31 CIZARM 10012 Z.C.

Obez can't believe what Kos has done. It's crazy.

But their roc is long gone and Pivlic is too busy trying to keep them in the air to pay much attention. Off in the distance Novijen begins to move, and they decide maybe it's best to warn the Senate of Svogthir's return and just hope that Kos knows what he's doing.

At least that's the idea until Pivlic passes out from exhaustion. Thankfully Pivlic's wings remain rigid enough for Obez to control their glide to the nearest surface he can find. The back of the yore-tiller .

...Just a few feet below...

Fonn doesn't really have much of a plan. The only thing she knows is that this creature is heading towards her son and it needs to be stopped. Now that she and the recruits have climbed up onto it's back... now what?

The creature advances towards the demon and she sees it pluck her son from the chains around his neck. The nephilim open's its mouth and a strange whistle fills the air as six nostrils open up in the back of its head. It must not take regular breaths like more normal creatures and is only now just inhaling for the first time since she's seen it.

Fonn asks for suggestions on how to plug the nostrils and Aklechin calls to her attention a belt of bampops he picked up from one of the cultists during their escape. It should work but the nostrils close before they can do anything about it. Something's about to happen. Fonn glances back toward the demon and fears the worst when she can no longer see her son.

...At Rakdos' feet...

Myc lands by sheer luck upon some furniture among the rubble just as a blinding light and fire slams into the demon-god. That would have been a bad place to be but Rakdos just spreads his wings and revels in the flame. Myc gets up and runs towards his mother's song.

...On the yore-tiller...

Fonn tries to ignore Jarad's missing song and takes some comfort that her son's can still be heard. When the nephilim inhales again she activates the bampops and together with the recruits they drop two per nostril and take cover. Six fountains of reddish-gray tissue erupts from each hole and the not-quite-immortal nephilim collapses, and so do our heroes. Fonn looks up just in time to see an overweight man and imp are falling straight towards her.

...Moments later...

Fonn opens her eyes and a tear filled Myc greets her. The new guy seems to not be paying attention to them but she's pleasantly surprised to see Pivlic with him. The reunion is quickly interrupted as Fonn's cytoplastic hand detaches from her stump and flies away.


Obez asks what's going on with and Kos says that maybe it's time he leave the undead body.  The building's coming to life but Rakdos will likely take care of it.

(How does he know that? He doesn't even know what the building's even capable of?)

What about me? Svogthir demanded. This thing has no master now! The cytoplasts will return with no intelligence to bond to. The entire thing will fall apart!

Kos leaves him to his fate.

(Although his fate really doesn't seem all that bad. He's safely inside a building-sized monster right?)

...On the yore-tiller corpse...

Introductions and reintroductions are made all around. The whole band watch as Novijen comes to life and releases a cry that Rakdos reacts to as a personal challenge. The demon swings at the creature building but whatever he was hoping was going to happen, it isn't for his arm to harmlessly sink into the cytoplastic coating. The demon struggles to pull his arm free and when he succeeds they see it's been stripped of all its flesh. Rakdos takes to the sky but he doesn't get far when an pseudopod extends from the mass that is Project Kraj and pulls him back in. They watch as Rakdos slowly tires and is absorbed into the creature. With no real intelligence directing it, Project Kraj stills while cystoplatic blobs can be seen flying through the air and adding to its mass. Then the quietmen appear.

There's so much going on, but Obez reminds the returned Agrus Kos that his role isn't to kill guildmasters or chat with friends. He's been made and avatar of Azorius to stop Szadek. That's all that matters.

Yes... well... as for that. This whole thing has seemed a like they've been given the run around. Kos has an idea where Szadek is. Right where they started. And with perfect timing Feather descends from above and says he must return to the Senate.

...Rix Maadi...

Lyzolda doesn't have the energy to stay standing. Every wound inflicted upon Rakdos is felt by herself. Too bad for her that she's not alone and this display of weakness is the cannot be forgiven. In but a few moment Lyzolda transforms from leader of the Cult of Rakdos to food. The cultists tear her to pieces and each and every one of them consumes a part of her, as well as her tie to Rakdos' soul.

From that day forward, the old Rakdos proverb, "There is a demon inside each of us, screaming to get out," took on a quite literal meaning.


Teysa hears the sounding of the midnight bells and knows it might very well be the last time she'll ever hear it. Her and Feather had been compelled to enter the castle by Azorius magic and directed towards the command deck. There was an unconscious wojek officer on the ground and an angel that looks like Razia, but she knows it's not her.

They try to run but pseudopods extend from Lupul and knock them over. It makes it clear that it's faster than them by far. They're to remain still on the ground or it will kill them. Feather is an angel and immortal, but Teysa can plainly see that the angel doesn't want to risk the advokist's life. If Teysa could get herself to say it, it might be worth risking an escape. Instead she asks the shapeshifter why it doesn't just kill them and it says:

"Auguries," the imposter sneered. "You are to ensure they come true. The angels must become extinct. But not until the proper moment."

* * *

Dictionary Check

I admit that "augury" isn't all that familiar to me. Dictionary.com says:

noun, plural -ries.
1. the art or practice of an augur; divination.
2. the rite or ceremony of an augur.
3. an omen, token, or indication.

So there are some omens that are supposed to come true that signal the extinction of the angels? What omens? This is coming out of nowhere. I'm pretty baffled by this.

Speaking of...

So it is Lupul. Huh? I thought I understood what had gone on earlier, but I guess it's time to reevaluate. Lupul must have disguised himself as an angel equipped with the angelic presence (that Fonn described feeling when she first met Feather in Book One) convincing enough to trick all the other angels, and a week ago Lupul went on a killing spree and set Parhelion on its collision course with Prahv..

So what... Lupul is now both Razia and the Feather that was sent to retrieve Kos? If that was meant to be shocking, it missed it's mark a bit and just comes off and strange.


This is the one return that disappoints me the most. I never cared for the quietmen. They have no representation on any of the cards and no personality. I wanted to see the true Selesnyan ways of war without such a big crutch. I wanted to see Saint Kel orchestrating the song and coordinating an army to fight through his single focused mind with the guidance of Biracazir. That would have been glorious. But now it looks like that's not going to happen.

Why give us that POV section with Saint Kel if nothing's going to come of it? There are even just two chapters left and I doubt we're going to see the battle on screen. We've given the return of the quietmen and that's supposed to satisfy us. Very disappointing.

Azorius/Dimir Team-up

So what... Augustin and Szadek are working together? That makes more sense as to why Szadek allowed Capobar to live. They really just wanted an excuse to send Kos into Novijen to disrupt Svogthir's and Momir's plans. That doesn't answer why those two allowed Szadek in their presence though. Their plans didn't seem to include him at all. Did they know he was there? They had to. It was made quite clear when the shadewalkers had their invisibility removed that nothing could be kept hidden in Momir Vig's chambers.

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