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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dissension - Chapter 16

When you play the game of Guildmasters. You win, or you die.

Dissension - Chapter 16

Golgari Acres Insect Patties are made from only the finest ingredients and the choicest meat-beetles harvested by skilled laborers. Just because you've passed onto the postmortem stage of your life doesn't mean you have to eat like a zombie. If you've got a hunger that could wake the undead, ask for Golgari Acres Insect Patties by name.
-Handbill promoting the Golgari Acres
Insectivorium (10007 Z.C.)

31 CIZARM 10012 Z.C.

Jarad didn't tell Fonn at the time, but he didn't go straight for their son and turned back around track Lyzolda instead. The blood witch had done something to his son and he needs to find out what that is.

With the aid of his beetles he knows Lyzolda is just around the corner with a horde of cultists at her back. She round the corner with a young girl at her side. A young girl, but a dead girl, with her eyes very crudely sewn shut. Jarad knows he's going to hate having to tell Fonn about this girl's fate.

Jarad reveals himself and threatens that she should never have taken his son.

Your child will be mine. I would say it's nothing personal, Guildmaster, but it really is.

He has no idea why that is and she clarifies that it's the fact that he's the first guildmaster in a long time to have offspring of any kind.

(Awww... she's just angry she can't have kids of her own. Poor, crazy Lyzolda.)

Jarad talks, in part, to distract Lyzolda while he sends his bugs, his greenbites, amongst her followers. Their poison is necrotic to the living and even cause the undead to fall to pieces in a few minutes. With his trap set, Jarad vaults up and runs along the wall to break free of the dead end they have him cornered in. He almost makes it but the undead Lily whips out a scythe from beneath her robes and hooks his leg. He's fairly certain she's sliced into an important artery. Lyzolda joins in on the attack and is much more agile than he expects and in the end he's defeated.

To rub salt in his wound, Lyzolda tells him that she knows about his greenbites. Studying the other guildmasters is just the prudent thing to do and her followers have been eating the vaccine to their toxins for quite sometime. So even that avenue of victory is now lost to him.

(Zombie vaccine to a bug bite? Let's pretend she left her dictionary at home and said something more appropriate. We get the gist.)

The blood witch decides that she doesn't need his son now that she has him. She would have preferred the boy because his blood is a great way to avoid any possible complications due to Guildpact magic, but the spell must continue. He should just cooperate and give up his life. She wants to free his son from his bond to the demon after all.


Kos lucks out. The only reason he's able to inhabit the body of the zombie-god himself is that it's also not actually Svogthir's original body. The two have a mental chat while Kos pulls off his best Svogthir imitation whenever Momir Vig speaks.

The Guildmasters' plan is quite simple. They are going to let the world fall apart and then come to its rescue. No one will care if the Guildpact falls apart when they save Ravnica's citizens from the threats of the nephilim and Rakdos. There would be no questions when the two split rule between them, with Svogthir ruling the undercity and Momir Vig overseeing everything up above. As long as they don't leave themselves open to betrayal to the other that is, something Svogthir has in mind.

(Where this leaves Szadek, I have no idea.)

Outside they watch as the demon-god battles with the glint-eye nephilim . The nephilim is bigger than him, but after some failed attempts to do some serious damage, Rakdos picks up a piece of mizzium rubble and rams it through the nephilim's eye. Svogthir can't help but think how good it is to see him in action once more. Rakdos has always been such a good killer.

But now it's time set the plan in motion. Time to activate Project Kraj . Kos is still a bit clueless so Svogthir spells it out for him. Project Krag is Novijen itself. They're standing in its very head as they speak.

...At the base of Vitu-Ghazi...

Myc and Rakdos roar out a challenge. It was time for the Selesnyans to come to an end. A flood of rats appear and crawl into every crevice, every grating, and every crack. The sound of their chattering is louder then Myc could ever have imagined. There was a newly built wall around the city, built after the disaster during the Decamillenial, but with one of his massive hooves, Rakdos smashes a hole with ease, and the flood of rats spills through.

...Rix Maadi...

Jarad finds himself bound in the same place Myc was bound earlier. Fonn's voice calls out to him through the gem at his neck asking impatiently if he's going to save their son or not. Without being able to touch the it he can't respond.

Lyzolda's spell seems to be similar to his ability to control insects. His interference interrupted the spell and shifted the link to his son instead. Lyzolda smiles when he announces that he knows her plan and she tells him not to worry. She's more than careful when it comes to rare ingredients and there is more than enough to resume.

Jarad wants his son free, but allowing Rakdos to be controlled by the blood witch isn't something he can just allow. He'd just have to accomplish both goals at the same time.

Jarad manages to contact five acid flies and they use their natural acid to begin burning through his chains before Lyzolda realizes what's happening. Her followers as just as badly coordinated as last time, not used to fighting in any kind of coordinated method and so comes at him singly or in pairs.
The bad news is that he was bound too tightly for too long, and he's lost all feeling to his legs. Jarad rolls around and dodges as the numbness transitions to pain as the feeling returns but there are just too many of them. Fonn yells for him again and Jarad manages to wrench an arm free from their grasp and he tells her to secure their son while he frees him from the spell. Lyzolda rips the chain from around his neck and commands the undead girl to throw it into the lava. Then the blood witch plunges her knife into his heart.


Myc feels his mind become his own again although rages still wells up inside him. His father's song is gone. Rakdos plucks him out from beneath his neck but before he can finish his declaration that boy will now die, something strikes the demon in the head and Myc falls to the ground from a worrisome height.


Kos and Momir Vig both simultaneously insert the last of three glass cylinders into the neuroboretum that make up Project Kraj's brain. The Simic progenitor is ready to change the world.

I wonder what will happen now? Svogthir thought.

This, Kos thought. Then he seized Savra's staff and plunged the sharp end into Momir Vig's beady, black eye.

* * *

Kos, Azorius Assassin

Oh that devious wojek. Are you telling me that even Svogthir wasn't planning on betraying Momir Vig at that very moment? The elf should have been more wary of having the demon god in such a close proximity to him. And now if Kos really can keep control of the zombie-god's body, it looks like he gets to pilot the living building that is Project Kraj! Enemies of Ravnica beware!

Jarad - Guildmaster 10000-10012 Z.C.

While I didn't really feel like Jarad had much of a personality in Ravnica, he really grew on me in this book. I was sad to see him go, but I guess we can't have all the heroes getting away unscathed.

Rakdos, Liberated

Looks like I have to go back to my initial assessment. He really is just a chaotic force of destruction. Myc's only contribution was to get him to the surface rather than rampage throughout the undercity. The demon did take out one of the nephilim, but he would have done that on his own anyway. But Rakdos better watch out. Saint Kel is ready to rumble.

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