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Monday, September 5, 2011

Dissension - Chapter 13

Situations collide and it's up to our heroes to solve it all.

Dissension - Chapter 13

Civilian air traffic within the City of Ravnica shall adhere to regulated flight paths at all times. This regulation does not apply to authorized law-enforcement officers.
-City Ordinances of Ravnica

31 CIZARM 10012 Z.C.

Agrus Kos is the first too see the shadow of the Parhelion right before it hits. However there isn't anything to do about a crashing castle and in fact it takes Obez to move their shared body and duck under the very limited protection of a nearby table as the castle collides.

Don't do that again. I'm either in charge here or I'm not.

Who said you were in charge?

(Kos sure is a grumpy old man.)

When things settle, they discovere that most of them are surprisingly still alive. Everyone except for the acting Boros guildmaster Nodov. Without him to lead the Boros, plans need to change, and to make matters worse a golden roc swoops in through the broken ceiling and Pivlic updates them all on Ravnica's other impending death by nephilim.


Crix shuttles another injured person to the Dr. Nebun to the makeshift hospital in the mines, one of the last places to have running water and working glowspheres. She's none too happy to find him testing out some new cytoplasty of his on the patients, they're supposed to help with recovery and not perform new experiments, but he assures her it's safe.

(Don't trust him!)


Feather can no longer accompany Kos. She has a greater duty to the plane and must step in to her role as guildmaster. Capobar turns and runs before they can get him to agree to take on Novijen and Szadek, but for the plan to work they need someone to go along with Kos and Obez. That leaves the imp. It's settled. Kos, Obez, and Pivlic leave to handle Szadek, while Augustin, Teysa, and Feather brainstorm a plan to take care of the nephilim.


Capobar doesn't know where to go. If the imp is right, his home has been crushed thanks to the wanton nephilim destruction, and thanks to being forced to testify regardless of the circumstances his thief business license is doubt going to be revoked. What's he to do?

We'll never know what he was going to decide because he walks right into a wall that actually isn't a wall. It's the yore-tiller nephilim . That's just great. Life had taken away everything him and now this. Capobar yells at the that thing to just get it over with and kill. Those are his last words as the creatures foot  creates a small crater where he used to stand.

...In sight of Novijen...

Obez insists that Kos keep quiet while he does his thing. He's the ectomancer here, he's the one who's been trained to sense which bodies will properly accept possession by Kos and which are too out of sync. It's important for Kos to know that once in a body he can't jump bodies for another thirty minutes. Obez himself will likely fall in and out of consciousness until Kos makes it back so Pivlic had to both keep the roc flying in range of the greenhouse fortress as well as make sure his body stays put and doesn't plummet to the ground.

Obez's consciousness travels through Novijen's corridors until he finds the perfect candidate. After some scouting Kos finds himself holding a pike in what he's sure is a living body despite the awful smell.

* * *


I guess we don't get the Kos and Feather and team-up of Book One. Instead get the Kos and Pivlic team-up of Book Two. I suppose that works. Pivlic probably wouldn't have had much to do without this change and now he remain in the thick of things.

That's it!?

I loved it when Capobar freaked out and ran. Who'd want to volunteer to face off against three guildmasters whenhe just barely got away with his life? That was really odd by the way. Why would they allow him to leave alive when he got to see Szadek with his own two eyes? Did they want him to report his presence? Is this whole thing a trap?

But back to Capobar. He's dead just like that! I was perfectly fine with him dying during his first appearance. When he survived, I thought that could work too, and perhaps we could see more of his magical enhancements at work. It turns out he doesn't do anything besides confirm Szadek's existence then flees and dies.

There's no way he's also going to come back as a ghost and save the day. That role's already taken. His role feels incomplete. I would have liked his role being regulated as a guest appearance to get the ball rolling or to have had it expanded more.


What can Kos do exactly? Infiltrating is easy but I doubt he can just walk up to Szadek and stab him with a pike. There has to be more to the plan than that. Without knowing any of the details, I like how they performed the infiltration within sight of the Novijen and didn't actually have to land on its roof. It makes the whole process seem all the more stealthy and believable. We'll just have to see if the rest of the plan comes off just as nice.

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