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Monday, September 19, 2011

Alara Unbroken - Section 7

PART TWO begins with some fateful meetings.

Alara Unbroken - Section 7


Nicol Bolas very much prefers the cool dead air of Grixis to the humidity of Naya, but there are preparations that require his attention. The great nacatl Marisi kneels before him and tells him there is not enough time. The nacatl are divided like they had planned, but he has no influence over the elves. To them, he's just a cat-man. The elves only trust in one thing, one god. A hydra known by the name of Progenitus . But it's only a legend.

"Not anymore, it isn't."


Sarkhan warns Rakka that if she's lying or has some trap set up, he'll have to kill her. She assures him that's not the case. He'll be impressed. The two walk up towards a mountain peak and watch as goblins swarm past them and scramble towards the top of the mountain plateau.

"It was disgusting - choosing to make themselves prey for the draconic lords of the world. He could understand their revering the mighty beasts, but not prostrating themselves before them. That was not a relationship of respect or admiration. That was an orgy of self-destruction, the pathetic chorus of victims begging homicidal charity from a superior being.

A storm appears and a dragon emerges from within. Sarkhan asks if it's hellkite, and Rakka tells him he's older than the word "hellkite" itself. The goblins cheer.


It had taken days, but Ajani has made it back to his pride's valley. He comes across the funeral pyre of Jazal that they had burned without him. Jazal's voice speaks to him again. He's not sure if the spirit is real or if he's going crazy.

Zaliki catches Ajani poking through the ashes of the pyre and is appalled that he would disturb the ashes of the dead. It's so disrespectful and she doesn't want him to touch her. He asks her not to go and she reluctantly agrees. Then an object within the ashes catches his eye. It's a bowl. A black bowl. Made of small interlocking plates... or scales. Something he's seen on another world.

"This thing feels... strange. Do you feel it?"

Zaliki's eyes were blank, uncomprehending. "No. What do you mean?" she asked.

Ajani is glad that she feels nothing. He's glad she knows nothing about the terrifying experience he's had on another world.

(He's wrong! She knows!)

Zaliki is glad he's here and tells him he needs to move on. He tells her Jazal needs to be avenged and she tells him to forget it. Jazal is ash now and the pride needs him, perhaps even as kha. The pride needs him.

(Why would the pride accept him as kha? It's not just Tenoch that despises him right?)

Zaliki leaves and he just stares at the bowl before coming to a conclusion. He can't rest until he knows Jazal can. His brother must be avenged and he knows who is responsible. Jazal's voice asks who. His answer is Tenoch.


Sarkhan watches as the goblins pierce their skin to release the scent of blood into the air. Rakka explains they're preparing themselves to be eaten. It's a great honor to be eaten by dragons.

(Why were the others running away from Kartthus?)

Sarkhan sees something strange about the dragon. In the way he moves and holds himself, and he realizes he's a planeswalker. Rakka presents to him her master, Nicol Bolas, and then is dimissed. Bolas takes a look at the goblins that have circled him. He inhales deeply and rather than witness the inevitable rage and feasting behavior that all dragons exhibit, the goblins simply fall down dead.

The dragon then questions Sarkhan and determines that he's worthy enough to be his servant. He tells him that a war is going to be begin, and he has a mission for one such as himself. In fact he would love to have every planeswalker serve him. Those are the words that Sarkhan's been waiting to hear.

Nicol Bolas slices open he paw, and Sarkhan cuts open his palm, and they let their blood mingle. Bonded now by blood, Sarkhan tells his master that he knows of another planeswalker.

* * *


Bolas' Naya agent can't be that old woman from Section 6. It has to be Zaliki. It's way too obvious that something's going on with her, unless it's actually so obvious it's meant to be a red herring. Is she creating the Jazal voice as well?

But Marisi, who it turns out is still alive thanks to some boon granted to him by Nicol Bolas is clearly serving him. Maybe he has two agents on Naya, or even three.


Sarkhan meeting Nicol Bolas was obvious, but the question now is what's going to happen once Sarkhan and Ajani meet again.  They seemed to respect each other, but now Sarkhan's obsession will demand certain actions from him and he can't be his normal nice guy self.

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