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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alara Unbroken - Section 13

Everyone has plans, and those plans seem to be converging to the same locations.

Alara Unbroken - Section 13


Nicol Bolas is not happy. The Maelstrom is forming too slowly. He commands Malfegor to travel to Bant and awaken the obelisk there. When Malfegor protests the dangers of his going to a world of angels and paladins and protests the travel time itself, Bolas replies that he can easily grant Grixis to someone else, such as the lich lord Sedris or the soothsayer Caladessa, and Malfegor is forced to give in. Nicol Bolas at least grants permission to destroy whatever he feels like as he travels through Esper on his way to Bant.


Mubin is quite ashamed of what he's done and full of pity for his paralyzed legs. He's not ready to face Rafiq, but Rafiq has come to see him anyway. Rafiq says he understands the it wasn't really him that committed the acts, but Mubin tells him he felt every single thing he did while under the spell and felt excitement at killing every knight. He was under a spell but it was only enhancing parts of himself that are already there.

Rafiq tells him that even that information will be useful. The sages want to talk with him so they can understand the magics used against him, so they can find ways to stop it when used against others. Mubin isn't convinced any good can come of what he's done and changes the subject. He tells his friend that he's learned something that might be useful. Rafiq cuts him off and tells him the defense of the army is what they need to know right now.

"But this is important," said Mubin. "I think these old passages, these ancient prayers, mention things that are actually coming to pass, and give instructions for what to do when-"

"That's enough! Enough of these choir-boy distractions! At attention! On your feet, soldier!"

Mubin's eyes went wide.

"Oh, holy Asha. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm-"

After some more awkward apologies he leaves.

(First Elspeth, and now Mubin. Rafiq really doesn't like listening to anyone.)


Aven scout Kaeda tells his Knight-General that they're quite capable of carrying out their mission to raze the Esper city of Palandius, and that there must be a secondary mission that needs to be carried out that requires his personal attention. The risk of losing him is too great for a basic mission and Kaeda wishes to be off assistance on this special mission. Rafiq thanks him for his devotion but he tells the scout to stick to his orders. He dismisses Kaeda and then thinks about while the attack on the city is risky and daring:

His personal quest was stranger, more occult, and far more dangerous.


Mubin is upset to learn that Rafiq has left on an attack to Esper, leaving him just a letter explaining something about exotic metals that improve the body. Then the room spins and he sees a vision of Bant floating in a sea of black, with Rafiq and every soldier looking to the sky watching for the angels.


Malfegor doesn't like the sky of Esper. It changes from a bright cloudy sky to a dark sky full of tiny lights and back again on a regular schedule. It's bizarre. At least for the moment it was in its better darker state. One of his scouts reports that the Cliffs of Ot and right ahead and they'll be at the city of Palandius in four days.


Ajani is pretty beat from tumbling down the side of the pyramid that had risen up at him as the planes merged. He finds himself surrounded by a clan of human warriors. Their leader tells him that he's what they've been waiting for.

...Moments later...

Kresh can see the energy in his warriors. They all know that this cat-man is a sign. Kresh asks the cat-man they're to hunt him or if he's the guide to lead them to their destinies. The cat-man asks if they know of dragon called Nicol Bolas, and the thought of a good death hunting the greatest of species pleases him.

"I've heard the name. Some have claimed to see the dragon made of shadow blot out the sky."

"You know where he is?"

"No. But I know a shaman who does."

It was a lucky day, Kresh thought. He might be able to take vengeance on Rakka after all.


Scout Kaeda returns with a report that the mission was a success. The target caravan has been raided and the blue skinned people will be angry when they wake. He presents Rafiq with a fancy box with a special latch. Inside is a strange red rock. A material used in making the Esper metal. Rafiq is pleased and then tells tells the scout to take him to the unconscious Esperites.


Drimma finds herself as the first mage captured by Bant. On one hand the failure of the sphinxes to give them any warning about this merging of planes has caused a lot of trust lost in the Hegemon . On the other hand the influx of new resources and materials has revitalized her life's work. What's known as the Noble Work, the pursuit of rediscovery of the process to create etherium.

The Bant leader comes to question her and he tells her he wants her to make etherium for them to heal their people. She scoffs at the idea of such unenlightened people using such a sacred material. They wouldn't know what to do with such transcendent state. And besides, she tells him that he should just give up the war, the prophecies guarantee their victory. He counters and tells her that their prophecies beg to differ and its they that fight on the side of justice.

The conversation goes nowhere and she's put to sleep. Rafiq commands the material and intel be taken back to Aarsil the Blessed

* * *

Perfect Alignment

Rafiq is in Esper. Maelfegor is headed to Esper. Seems like things are converging on the city of Palandius.

But what was Rafiq's secret mission? I thought his personal mission was to get some etherium for Mubin, in hopes of restoring his legs, but it turns out Kaeda was used to attack the caravan where he got his lead. If Kaeda was told to mind his business... what was Rafiq's mission? That seems like an oversight right there.


Shall I let you kill me... or shall I lead you into battle. Hmmmmm... let me think.

This is a pretty amusing way to keep Kresh relevant, lead Ajani on the way to Nicol Bolas, and let's face it... Ajani is a tiny little lion cub that was just crying on his way home from school because the school bully kicked some mud onto his sandwich not too long ago. And he's going up against the almighty Nicol Bolas himself, even if he's in a weakened state. It's nice that he has some back up.

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  1. Last block of magic that was played and Alara Bant and Esper fragment's was my favorites, but now seeing how this Rafiq, for some reason never liked the card from it now seeing as he is a slob is pitiful.