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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reader's Poll - What Should I Read Post Ravnica Block?

I'm going to jump ahead. In about six weeks Ravnica Block will be finished if I can keep up my schedule, and I want to know what I'm reading next.  At this point I feel that it's probably important to stick to keeping more current than not in terms of a Magic fiction. It's going to be a while before I get every Magic book on here, so sticking to a similar era will be more synergistic. That means reading the first Magic book Arena is now off the table. Someday I'll get to the Harper Prism books, but not for the immediate future.

That leaves us with four options that I want to pursue at the moment, and you'll help me to decide which is next.

The Purifying Fire

I've done the firts Planeswalker Novel. It it time to go on to the Second and find out what Chandra Nalaar is all about? Jace seems to be tied to her thanks to the comics, but it was Liliana that made the major impact on his life in Agents of Artifice. Will he show up here? 

Time Spiral Block

We just finished one trilogy, shall we move directly into one more? Sure we read the first of the Planeswalker Novels, but I'm very curious as to how the old planeswalkers ended, and how much they knew they were giving up. Plus I hear Venser's in this one and he isn't the annoying know-it-all that we saw in Scars of Mirrodin: The Quest for Karn.

Alara Unbroken

We got through the first Planeswalker novel, and have seen a horrible example of how it is to write a Block Novel. Shall we take a peek into what Savor the Flavor article writer Doug Beyer could pull off, and take a stroll through the birthplace of Elspeth and Tezzeret, and see what that sneaky Nicol Bolas was up to?

Mirrodin Block

I do want to get to this sooner rather than later. It's been a very long time since I've read this trilogy, and while it did have some issues, there is no doubt in my mind that its quality is above and beyond what Wintermute presented to us. I want to see how other authors handled the plane of Mirrodin.

Vote in the poll to the right. Voting ends in one month. September 4th.

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