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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Epilogue

The end?

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Epilogue


Time to say some last good-byes. Kos visits Helligan down in the lab and he confirms his suspicions that the Borca body that was found at the bombing wasn't Borca at all. It was just another piece of Lupul. In fact Kos was now the acting commander-general until tomorrow when it would pass on to Migellic (commander of the Tenth Leaguehall, the only Leaguehall successfully defended during the attacks), and one of his acts had to be to confirm the identities of every wojek thanks to the aid of Jarad.

As for the Wenvel body, they didn't learn much, but they didn't believe it was representative of a true quietman. The quietmen would forever be a mystery. (So if know one knows what quietmen are, and they're being dismissed from Selesnyan service as per their new policies... are we really never going to learn anything about them? And I have to ask again, how and why did Savra implant fake quietmen into their ranks? What was the point?)

With the League secure, he wanted to pay his last respects to the little girl that he couldn't save. He tells the body of Luda that she can rest easy now, that he's sorry he couldn't save her, so justice the best he could do. He leaves the room giving final instructions to Helligan that her body can be cremated now.

...In his office...

Time for his final paperwork and time to settle in with thoughts. It was nearly all over, but there were still a few things bothering him. What was that Zunich ghost all about? Had he really been hallucinating, or was that in fact another clone created by Lupul? It's something he might never know.

With perfect timing, all these thoughts of ghosts is when Borca appears. Excited as always he has a lot to say. He was stuck inside the tree this whole time, getting free in bits and pieces through the sap, all the while in a bit of pain likely due to being so far from Kos. The contract and all that.

Speaking of the contract, he's ready for it to be fulfilled. It's time for Kos to file it, with the complete and honest truth. He would have liked to have been killed in the blast, rather than more likely having be devoured by worms, but since he wasn't the one in the blast, that's probably how it happened. Kos asks if he's sure, and Borca is. He's ready to move on, all he feels now is boredom.

Eventually the Borca file would become a classic case studied by all, most importantly as confirmation of the existence of Lupul so everyone would be watchful should similar occurrences happen in the future. Something that would always be passed over as a typo is that fact that there were two wojeks that solved the case, not just one. Borca would become the only wojek credited to solving his own murder.


...Down in the lab...

Helligan takes a sip of coffee, and is ready to turn in for the night. One last thing to do. He walks on over the to body the little girl. He picks her up, ready for her cremation, and then it dissolves into a mass of worms and devours him.

* * *


Well, that answers that. The epilogue was all about Lupul. (We did at least get a conclusion to Borca's case, and a semi-answer to the Zunich ghost, although I still don't see much purpose in it in the overall story.)

I suppose this means we'll be seeing more of Lupul, and hopefully more Szadek (Considering Szadek was only "dealt' with), and I don't know how I feel about that. Szadek was pretty lame. He makes his grand appearance, says a speech to people who can't hear him, ineptly commands a creature that isn't good with instructions and has to reiterate that when he meant "deal with them" he meant "kill them", and then he's defeated because he's too busy eating to bother with even making a half-hearted kick at Jarad as the Devkarin picks up both the staff and gem by Savra's body. I'm not excited by seeing more of an idiot of a villain.

And Szadek... the Guildleader of the supposedly mysterious and deadly Dimir... with ten-thousand years of planning the grand revelation of his Guild... he was defeated because he was hungry.


The only reason I want him back is because he appearance was so late in the book and he came and went just like that. It seemed like the slow build was because he was going to be a main villain across the whole trilogy, and if that really was the end of him, well... it seems like such a waste. All he accomplished was being a pretty crappy final boss and completely spoiling any final showdown with Savra and her Svogthir enhanced self.

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