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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Chapter 20

The war's over. It's tea-time between Kos and Fonn.

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Chapter 20

No signatory or signatory designee shall reveal the existence of the tenth signatory. Violation of this amendment will result in immediate imprisonment and/or execution.
-Guildpact Amendment X (the "Hidden Charter" or "Guildmaster's Law")


A new day, a new decamillenial to come. New dryads have already been born from Vitu-Ghazi itself, thanks to Mat'Selesnya and Biracazir, and Szadek has been "dealt" with according to anyone ranked high enough to know anything in the Boros Legion. After Savra had fell, somehow the teratogens knew and all discipline fell apart. When Feather added herself into the mix after she joined the battle after finding no sign of the angels, the Golgari war was soon ended.

Fonn, Kos, and Jard have their "glad that's over" tea time now that they've saved the world. With Ludmilla serving out a sentence, that opened up space for the Golgari huntmaster to claim the role as Guildmaster, but despite all three of them helping to save the world, he knew this meeting was mostly for Fonn to get some answers, so after a glance from Fonn, he excuses himself.

The required small talk when first. Was Kos sure he wanted to resign from the League? His answer was yes. He wasn't young anymore. If he was going to see what was out there in the reclamation zones, it was now or never, and Pivlic had plans for opening up a new place out there and wanted him to go along.

(Oh? Interesting.)

With all courtesies taken care of it was time for the truth. Fonn wanted to know how her father died.

     INCIDENT REPORT: 10/13MZ/430223
FILED: 1 Seleszeni 10000 Z.C.
PRIMARY: Cons. Kos, Agrus (ret.)
SECONDARY. LT. Zunich, Myczil (deceased)

The chase led them from rooftop to rooftop all the way back to the warehouse where they had started. Palla was very conveniently riding the line between remaining in sight and being just around the corner. It couldn't be coincidence that she led them back to her familiar stomping grounds.

A timely lull in the storm allowed for a scrape of tile to be heard from beneath a pile of junk, and a crash of lightning allowed for the wojeks to spot movement from underneath. Zunich draws his sword.

"No!" a man's voice shouted from behind them. Kos risked a look back and saw the bounty hunter, already on his feet and racing toward them. The elf was making no effort to hide this time. "She is meant as bait!"

That was all the confirmation they need. They stumbled upon two more bodies, bodies of backup coming to assist them, as they made it back here. With no way Jarad could catch up in time, Zunich runs forward and stabs into the pile.

A little girl's voice screams and abruptly cuts short.

Jarad runs past Kos and knocks the sword from Zunich's hand. Kos has to confirm his worst fears and uncovers the body of a little girl, and Zunich goes into a rage. Zunich attacks hand to hand with Jarad, demanding how he could have used a little girl as bait.

Kos didn't know what to do, his partner had just killed a little girl. And this time of indecision is the exact moment that Palla decides to move in and attack. Cocky and overconfident as she gains the upper hand, Kos simply throws his short sword right after her cocky comments about him having no chance of defeating her.

Turning his attention back to Zunich, his partner has gained the upper hand, and it's obvious he's going to kill the bounty hunter. He could just sit by and watch it happen. He could. Then there would be no more witnesses. But his partner was obviously still in an unthinking fury, and this wasn't a justified killing in the line of duty, this would be very clear murder.

Kos gets his sword and pleads with his partner to let go.

"Sir, this is bad, I know it's bad, but you're in shock. You're not thinking straight. Listen. Palla is dead."

"I killed Palla,"Zunich said.

"No," Kos said. "sir, I killed her while you were-"

"I killed Palla," Zunich repeated. "That's what you're going to say. That's what I'm going to say. And him, he's not going to say anything. because he's just another victim. going to be. And- and she-" Zunich waved at the pile of stone that concealed the girl's corpse.

Then the girl's ghost appears. Pure and innocent, her ghost shows no signs of vengeance and just continues to rise. That sight finally brings Zunich to his senses, and he pulls himself together.

Jarad clears away the rubble and picks up the body of the girl. His main bounty had been to bring the girl back to her family. He had nothing to do with the slaughter in the warehouse, he had been there to save the girl. That was over, but at least they could have her body back.

Zunich snaps.

It couldn't be true. He was actually the good guy here? Kos doesn't think he can't talk his partner out of his state of mind in time, and gives him one solid punch before he can do anything stupid. Unfortunately, that knocks him off balance, a roof tile slips out from under him and he falls off the edge.

Kos tells the elf to never show his face in his district, and Jarad is happy to comply. His partner was dead, at his hands. Justifiably. His partner was about to commit murder. But still... he has a decision to make. What would his report say. At that time he did what he thought best and tried to protect the honor of his partner.

Today, he finally tells the truth.

* * *

Kos, Free Agent

That's very interesting. I think I have my answer as to how we continue on to the the other books of the trilogy, which focus on other Guilds, while still having a continuing presence throughout. Kos simply gives up his membership of one Guild and joins another. Pivlic's an Orzhov, he works for the imp and he becomes an Orzhov himself.

For Book 3, there's the Rakdos, the Simic, and the Azorius Senate, and the obvious transition for him there would be to move to some role under the Senate.

Very elegant. It's genius.

Pivlic, Speaker to Borca?

Wait, wait, wait... what was the whole point of him being able to see/talk to Borca? And in fact... what was the whole purpose of Borca!?

He set Kos on his path, he provided sometimes amusing, but mostly annoying back and forths with Kos and/or between Kos and someone who couldn't hear him. He was supposedly a form of comic relief. It looked like he was about to have an actual role when he got sent to go get help from Pivlic but then he just gets sucked into the Vitu-Ghazi! That's it?

If his only reason for being when it comes to the plot was getting Kos to investigate his death... well... it seems like that could very easily have happened just in the beginning and then allowing him to move on as soon as Kos agreed.


And hold your horses, we have more purpose pondering going on here. Yes, the flashback was sad. But why was it saved for the end? It's all very mysterious. The original setup of the flashbacks, and giving Zunich and Bora a similar appearance, was to make us think for a split second that the ghost that appears in Kos' hospital room was Zunich himself and not Borca. (And I guess Kos' original hallucinations really were hallucinations since he never showed up in the present because it turns out that is really is impossible for a ghost to remain on the plane for fifty-seven years before moving on.)

After that was revealed, the only purpose to hold off the revelation for the end was to provide an emotional punch? I think I would rather have had an excellent final battle. There'd be plenty for our heroes to talk about afterwards, there didn't have to just be this story.

One Chapter to Go

I hope the Epilogue answers some of the questions here and/or provides more justification for some of these things that don't quite make sense. This chapter already felt like it was the epilogue so I'm not sure what to expect of the actual one.

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