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Monday, August 15, 2011

M:TG.COM - Why? Because We Like You

08-15-11 - Mailbag - Making Magic August 2011 - Feedback Week 2 - Making Magic - Mark Rosewater

Mark Rosewater does another mailbag column, requesting "Why" questions from Twitter. @maro254

Topics include:

-Sorceries and Flash
-Lead Designer and Promotion
-Block release schedule
-Evergreen and Hybrid
-Praise and blame
-You Make the Card
-Lightning Bolt and Shock
-Employees and Sanctioned Events
-Passion and Magic
-Magic and Longevity
-Choosing Planes
-Avoiding burnout
-Great Developer Searches
-Full-art Lands
-Introducing people to Magic
-The return of Leeches
-Reasons people quit
-Destruction of Magic
-Phyrexian as a race type
-Lucky charm cycle
-Enchantment block
-Dual land rarity
-Time Spiral block and failure
-Urza Saga Legendary Land cycle
-Kamigawa and Tribal
-White villains and Black heroes
-General Magic Hall of Fame
-Unfun cards
-Coming up with new ideas
-Responding to feedback

These columns are always appreciated. The rapid-fire nature doesn't usually lend itself to have the most mind-blowing of information, but the fact that Mark Rosewater and Wizards as whole is so open with information about the inner workings of their company, open with the reasoning behind their decisions, and actively ask for and act on feedback in a very public manner... makes them one of the best companies in the world.

There's no wondering how they've managed to create such a strong fanbase and there's no doubting they know what they're doing as a company and Magic will have at least more more decades of success.

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