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Monday, August 15, 2011

M:TG.COM - Revenge of Ask Wizards

08-15-11 - Return of Ask Wizards - Feedback Week 2 - Feature Article - M:TG.COM Staff

Ask Wizards, a weekly feature during an older era of magicthegathering.com has returned for a week, for Feedback Week.

Topics Include:

-Scry in M12
-Legendary Walls
-Arabian Nights in the present
-Artist Collaboration
-Vengeful Pharoah
-Rune-Scarred Demond and Sphinx of Uthuun
-60 Card Minimum and 4-of Rule

It's a nice throwback. Tehy were never amazing, but the shotgun approach to answering questions usually produces something worth reading, and the same applies here.

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