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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

M:TG.COM - Magic's Exclusive Creatures

08-10-11 - Magic's Exclusive Creatures / Manaless Dredge - Savor the Flavor - Doug Beyer

Doug Beyer covers the creatures of Magic that qualify as being exclusive to Magic following the following criteria:

  1. To be unique to Magic. We probably do a lot more Drakes and Specters than your typical fantasy property, but I'm looking at Magic exclusives today. Other fantasy worlds have cat-folk (which we often call leonin) and Medusae (which we call gorgons), even if we have our own spin on those tropes. Only originals today.
  2. To have a characteristic look. To qualify, we have to have decided on a set of traits that make the creature what it is, which often is expressed in terms of visual characteristics. If we haven't decided what you look like, you haven't graduated to the exclusive stable yet.
  3. To have appeared in more than one block. Here's the kicker. We need to have gone back to the creature in multiple contexts. This is a stringent requirement—it knocks out your Soltaris and your Spikes and your Beebles. They may even have made a splash in the block where they originated, but they haven't proven themselves to be a fixture of the game yet.

Letter of the Week:

Dear Doug Beyer,
Is there a possible answer for the flavor of how Manaless Dredge (in Legacy) and Manaless Ichorid (in Vintage) work?
Ordinarily, a Planeswalker such as you or I would form manabonds with various tracts of land and use those bonds to extract the precious mana we use to fuel our powerful incantations and summons. But, what kind of mage uses the madness and insanity of forgetting a spell (see discarding first turn instead if playing a spell) then uses that lost memory and tenuous grasp on reality to fuel more forgetfulness/insanity (discard) and eventually power out Narcomoebas, Dread Returns, etc.?
Thanks in advance,
Nic M.

Large Card Art includes:

-Barbed Lightning
-Sinew Sliver
-Enormous Baloth
-Caldera Hellion
-Vedalken Dismisser
-Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
-Exhumer Thrull
-Questing Phelddagriff
-Bellowing Tenglewurm

The article was a great overview of various creature-types. My favorites are the Slivers, to the point that I wonder if they have a chance of being a more central threat for a block. While I like the slivers a lot, by far my least favorite are the Vedalken. There's almost nothing I like about them. Their name doesn't speak to me and they're just blue colored wizards to emphasize they embody blue ideologies. It doesn't help they were introduced as the creature type that was going to replace Merfolk my favorite race of all.

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