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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Innistrad Mechanics

08-28-11 - Innistrad Mechanics - Feature Article - M:TG.COM Staff


-Double-Faced Card



I love the double-faced cards, despite some people's initial hate of the physical manipulation needed to play with the cards. It certainly gives off the feel of a transformation and does it better than the Kamigawa flip cards and the Zendikar levelers.

Morbid I'm less keen on. It feels like a mechanic trying to pretend like it's flavorful. I'm sure it works great though and am waiting to see more cards revealed.

Curses are the exact opposite of Morbid in that they feel like they're almost 100% flavor trying to pretend they're a mechanic. I do like the idea of more enchant player auras though.

Fight is a very clean name for the mechanic that certainly deserves to be evergreened.

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