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Monday, August 22, 2011

Guildpact - Epilogue

Say farewell to Agrus Kos.

Guildpact - Epilogue

Here lies Agrus Kos, noted protector and faithful public servant 3 Paujal 9895-3 Cizarm 10012
-Epitaph of Agrus Kos, lieutenant (Ret.), League of Wojek

5 CIZARM 10012 Z.C.

It was time to lay the body of the great Agrus Kos to rest. Pivlic has pulled out his will and saw that it  hadn't specified any special song, and so the whole ceremony is performed in silence. With the skies above Utvara plague free, Fonn was able to fly in by zeppelid, along with Jarad. Pivlic, Feather, Garulsz, and the newly appointed Minister of Security Golozar make up the remaining paul bearers, with Teysa leading the way. They lay his coffin down upon the pyre, with wood contributed by everyone from the town, and Feather speaks:

"Agrus Kos," the angel began, "did not want this memorial. But we who remember him do. And it is my hope that somewhere his ghost, or at least his spirit, will forgive us for bestowing this last honor."

...Above Utvara...

The ghost of Hauc tries to rise up to go where ever ghosts go, but it hits the same wall that every ghost has hit for the past fifty years. The Schsim. All the ghosts not used up to hatch the dragons all recognize him and chant his name, a name that he no longer recognizes but the venom in their words is felt all the same. Hauc, Hauc, Haaaaauuuucccc.

If he could just remember his name... he could... could... get free. His essence was scattered all through this place, but if he could just gather them all up and become whole, he would remember his name. And if he remembered his name, he would know how to escape.

It would only take a decade or two and he would be free.

* * *

Not Too Happy

Kos' funeral was nice enough, but it was followed by the second half of the Epilogue. If the Schism is sucking up all the spirits like that, it's a pretty big downer. All of his friends were trying to honor his memory, but if the Schism is preventing him from moving on, the whole it negated.

And what now... Hauc is going to get free? We're going to see his return in Dissension? He was a perfectly suitable villain for this book, and I enjoyed his death despite how abrupt it was, but I don't really know how much more can be done with his character. He's pretty one-dimensional and there are so many more characters from the card sets that I would love to see over him.

Hears hoping for the best. Dissension is next.

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