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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Guildpact - Chapter 9

Time for Teysa to uncover more secrets and time for Kos to just keep doing what he does.

Guildpact - Chapter 9

A successful bartender never forgets a face, a name, or a drink. Know each one of these and you will have their patronage for life.
-"Muck" Mukoz, Founder, Publicans' Union,
The Care and Feeding of Patrons, Third Edition

2 CIZARM 10012 Z.C.

Garulsz signals for the other prospectors to stand down, and Kos introduces her to Pivlic. Small talk would get her to reveal that city life wasn't for her anymore, and as luck would have it they've hit quite a good vein here in the valley in the form of a long forgotten bank. Kos assures her that they're not trying to poach anyone else's claim. He's on a job. Something he hasn't been able to say in a long while. And they're just looking for information. Garulsz happily points them to a direction where she last saw some Gruul hanging about.

...Back at the Imp Wing Hotel...

Teysa's back from her excursion, and she's not too happy that Melisk isn't sitting at his desk doing paperwork like he was ordered. In fact, he wasn't anywhere in the building. Some muffled yelling from the other room leads her to the mirror her Uncle communicates from (Communicate and not resides in, since his ghost is now securely with the rest of the Obzedat in the city proper), and he tells her that Melisk's been called away by the foreman about details on her mansion project.

Since she's here, she might as well ask him for some advice. She has access to the cure to the plague, but if she just sells it for profit, it won't work because everyone has to use it within at least the span of a day. Well... maybe not everyone. She still has her assassins ready to take out the Gruul. But regardless, just giving it away doesn't seem right, but she doesn't want to owe the Selesnyans any favors if they're actually able to come up with a cure in time before the whole valley defaults to them. If they care about that time table at all.

Over the course of their conversation, all kinds of doubts rise up again. For some reason her migraine gets worse every time she tries thinking about Uncle's murder. The Gruul had killed him right? While that's not a question she can get herself to bring up, she does express doubts in Melisk's loyalty. Melisk might be plotting against her.

Uncle's reaction is curious. He knows something, and she insists he explain. As soon as she says this, Uncle's images blurs and she can hear the muffled sounds of Uncle and the rest of the Obzedat in conference. After a few moments the Ghost Council comes to a decision.

"If you really want to know, Teysa Karlov, then also know that this information will come with a price. Your allegiance, without questions, to the will of the Obzedat."

She isn't sure if a verbal agreement could actually bind her to be 100% obedient, but she feels she has no choice and then agrees to their terms. They begin to talk, and from behind her back she uncrosses her fingers.


...Out in the flats...

After some decent travel time, Kos and Pivlic have finally hit a trail that's too narrow for the dromads to navigate. With no choice, they dismount and Kos orders Bephel to watch the mounts. If he is threatened he's to take'em back to Teysa, and under no circumstances is he to eat them. With Bephel seemingly able to understand his orders it's just Kos, Pivlic, and the froglike thrull, Elpheb, walking the trail.

Up the narrow, steep trail, they finally spot their target. A goblin, presumably Crix, and what Kos is certain is Golozar can be plainly seen off in the distance. And they're running. Well that can't mean anything good. Kos isn't surprised that it is Golozar that's the one that seems to be taking Crix back home. He's an honorable one, but he's in trouble.

Kos and Pivlic double check their weapons. It's rescue time.

* * *

Ghost Council of Evil Schemers

Teysa's not likely going to be completely happy with what she hears. At least she has sense to not trust them, but seriously? The quick thinking and confident Teysa, with true Orzhov blood, is going to be outsmart the Ghost Council of Orzhova by crossing her fingers. Oh what happened to the Orzhov. Verbal contracts just aren't as inescapable and binding as they used to be.

At least we're still only halfway through the book. Teysa... or actually Herndon... still has time to redeem himself in how he gets our heroes out of their situation. (A situation we still don't have a full grasp on.) This Ghost Council at least can't be defeated because they're hungry, but this crossing the fingers thing doesn't sit well with me.

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