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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Guildpact - Chapter 7

Done with all the history and set up, it's time to get this story started!

Guildpact - Chapter 7

The touch of the Firemind is not granted lightly. Have I been disappointed in some of those who accepted it? Of course. But without disappointment, there is no pride in those who exceed even my expectations. Next question, mortal.
-Niv-Mizzet, last recorded public statement
(4 Paujal 7425 Z.C.)

2 CIZARM 10012 Z.C.

Zomaj Hauc's personal flight sphere was a beautiful thing. And it wasn't because his was specially modified and kept in pristine condition. It wasn't because those special modifications were maybe something he could sell to other magelords. It was because the mizzium hull was a layer of protection that would make it difficult for his guildleader, the great dragon Niv-Mizzet , from penetrating his thoughts and discovering what he was up to. Not that it was something the Parun of the Izzet League might not appreciate, but he couldn't take the risk.

The rewards were too great. What he was doing would be great for Ravnica... and himself.

Within the scrying pool, a formal Orzhov mask appears, and he's informed that the new Baroness isn't happy and is being much more ambitious than anticipated. He better not keep her waiting. If he doesn't show up for his meeting, she's likely to go straight to the Cauldron. Hauc says the the man who is clearly Melisk:

"Can't be helped. Tell her I'll be back at the Cauldron in a few hours," Hauc said. "I will meet with her if she wishes, whenever she swishes. If she wants to leave instructions, contact Chief Observer Vazozav, and ask her to please refrain from shooting him if she would be so kind. Do not let her get there before I do."

Then Hauc asks Melisk for a favor.

...In the Husk...

Crix along with Golozar and his merry little band have hit a roadblock. Some debris has managed to block what used to be a clear path. The goblin and half-ogre get to know a little bit more about each other while Golozar's men attempt to clear the path.

Golozar isn't a raid bandit leader for nothing though and his instinct tells him correctly that they're being tracked. Crix hasn't noticed any sign of large predators and makes the that it's Aun Yom. Golozar says that would be beyond normal as one raid leader from the same clan doesn't track another, but remains open to the idea, and that idea proves right.

Aun Yom stands watching them in the distance, purpose yet unknown. (But it can't be good.)

Then Crix hears a familiar whine of Zomaj Hauc's flight sphere. She's saved!

Or not.

It flies on by before she realizes that maybe she should have tried to signal her master.

Well it's back to reality and Aun Yom. If he's just going to stand there, then they're going to keep on working. Working maybe a bit too hard. A pillar falls and crushes some of them and everyone else falls down a rapidly widening fissure, including Crix.

...At the Imp Wing...

Well this is embarrassing... Teysa wakes up on the floor with a rather bad headache and most of her limbs quite numb. What was she doing again? Discussing business with Melisk right? About who to see next amongst the leaders of the valley? Did she have an episode... maybe her medication wasn't working, her body was adjusting. Or wait... the lokopede they traveled on was attacked and most of the supplies were gone. She'd have to make an appointment with the doctor.

She rings Melisk to come, and when he doesn't look surprised at the condition of the room, which includes a scattered bowl of food, she asks why. He tells her this is the third episode she's had all week, and that he brings news. Zomaj Hauc is ready to meet her at her earliest convenience and he requests a favor. Why she would want to grant him a favor is beyond her, but he keeps on while the stupid headache of hers keeps her from really soaking it all in. Apparently he's lost a courier that was traveling on their very same lokopede, and she was bringing with her a very important spell that would complete the Cauldron and bring it up to full power capacity.

Well... before she agreed to it, were their any leads on how to find this goblin? Melisk says yes. A Gruul named Aun Yom appears to be the one that lead the attack.

Before she can decide what to do, Pivlic comes aknockin'. And with him is his security chief. When the imp introduces the man as Agrus Kos her interest peaks. Who hasn't hear of the famous wojek that arrested the mythical vampire? And his news is fortuitous. He reports that some Gruul traveling the Husk appear to have a prisoner, and he was wondering if they happened to be missing anyone.

Now that he mentions it, yes.

* * *

Izzet/Orzhov Alliance

Obviously Melisk is the mysterious Orzhov that has been contacting Hauc. There's no other major player besides Uncle, and he doesn't have a body. But does that mean Uncle is not involved? Is Melisk doing this all on his own or does Uncle have some agenda that we have yet to learn about? There had to be a reason he wanted to force her to travel to this valley right?

And does Melisk know about Hauc's own plans for power? Are Hauc's plans in sync with the Orzhov attendant? Or are they just partners of convenience hiding huge secrets from each other? We didn't get to Melisk's reaction about the news that Crix was missing, but the way he was asking for a favor didn't make it seem like he knows exactly what Crix's courier contents is all about. (And of course we don't know either.)

Whatever's going on, Agrus Kos is on the case, and you can be sure he's going to get the bottom of things. Go get'em old man!

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