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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guildpact - Chapter 6

Still more geography and history lessons, yet somehow it's still managed to keep my attention.

Guildpact - Chapter 6

The Gruul might once have been a guild, even a force to reckon with, but they now are a guild in name only. Scattered and scarred as they are, it would take a miracle to unite them now. The Guildpact bound the rest of us, just as it fractured the clans. And yet you say there is no injustice in this document?
-Ambassador St. Bayul, address to the Guildpact Council
(22 Makosh, 9997 Z.C.)

1 CIZARM 100012 Z.C.

It was that time again. Every day at about an hour before noon, Kos always spends some time atop his personal home and tower, and pulls out pulls out his goblin made looking glass to see what he could see. When the sun passed behind the spider-web like cracks in the sky knows as the Schism, for some reason the light was gathered in a way that could see unbelievably long distances, to the point of seeing some of the stone golems the city proper which was almost half the world away.

This was his daily ritual, and since the Imp Wing was closed for the unforeseen future thanks to the new arrivals, Kos decided to take his time. First thing's first. Kos scans the plane for any sign of the angels. It's been twelve years since they failed to appear when it seemed the Legion most needed them and they had net to appear. Someday he'd once again lay eyes on his friend Feather and find out just what was going on.


With no sign, it's time to take a look at more immediate concerns. The Cauldron was doing what the Cauldron does. With it's placement above geothermal vents, it supplies both energy and water for the whole area, and most importantly the tree Vitar Yescu. He takes a look at the tree that is the reason there's a town at all, and the strange thing is despite how much its grown in all this time he's been here, the safety zone it created hadn't gotten any larger. Why that was, was beyond his wojek mind to understand.

Next was Gruul checkup time. Kos hopes to see Trijiro on his way to warn his people of possible danger, but what he sees instead is Vor Golozar with a... prisoner? The Orzhov part had failed to mention anything about a prisoner. Trijiro, or someone, better get there and stop something bad from happening, or things might get out of hand.

...At the Gruul camp...

It's been near 20 hours since the run in with the nephilim, and Gruul with their goblin prisoner have made it to the Gruul camp. Crix was tied up and bound by a Leashling , but that doesn't mean she has to waste her time. This is her first chance at observing the Gruul up close and she isn't going to waste this opportunity. The first striking fact is that despite the variety of races that make up what is clearly one culture to the point that she could pick out aspects of all the races' individual languages making up one Gruul language. The camp was filled with not just warriors, but mothers and children, and blacksmiths, and all manner of professions required to keep a camp going. Strangely, there wasn't a clear leader. Golozar was certainly the most powerful among those present, but he wasn't the one in charge.

While she spends her time trying to learn the Gruul language, an old centaur comes trotting into the camp and begins to scold Golozar. It appears he's quite respected, and while he initially argues at how Aun Yom's attack on the lokopede inspired him, the centaur we know as Trijiro talks him down. Now is not the time to attack the city. If the time comes, Golozar will be the one to lead it, but it must be the right time. The Utvar Gruul must remain united. They cannot make war with the Orzhov and with the Izzet, not when Borborygmos will pounce on any sign of weakness.

Trijiro is their shaman, or spirit chief, or some else that Crix can't quite translate, and in the end he gets his way. And his way includes untying Crix, and telling her that Golozar will be the one to deliver her to the Cauldron to make sure he's able to fulfill her duties as a courier.

* * *

The Angels

Okay, okay. The angels are being brought up again. Looks like they have a larger role throughout the trilogy than just their often repeated disappearance ultimately resulted in nothing at all a near waste of words. Will the same thing happen here? Will we get their return so they can fulfill their roles in the final book of the trilogy? Or are they just being mentioned again just so we know they exist. I'm going to remain skeptical on this one.

Crix, Courier Once Again

Well, Trijiro did his thing. What was all that from Kos about him being an exiled chief and begging for money? It seems like he still has quite a lot of status among the band led by Golozar. But thanks to him he's getting Crix on her way to do her job. What will this mean though? Crix has gotten to witness the savage "Gruul" lead by Aun Yom where something didn't seem quite right, and now she's gotten to see the Gruul led by Golozar. How will this play into things, and is this leading to a confrontation between Teysa and Zomaj Hauc with the Gruul stuck in the middle?

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