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Friday, August 19, 2011

Guildpact - Chapter 15


Guildpact - Chapter 15

Mubb the Hapless: Where did the great Niv-Mizzet come from, Magelord?

Magelord: You cannot create a dragon, insolent cretin! You will be served at the feast of the great Niv-Mizzet himself! Weirds! Seize the cretin!

Mubb the Hapless: Hooray! May I borrow some flameproof formal wear?
- Rembic Wezescu, Mubb the Hapless Attends a Feast

3 CIZARM 10012 Z.C.

Kos and Golozar are stuck. What can they do but watch the place fall apart around them?

As the platform collapses, the securely bound Kos is helpless as he observes everything from a normal, everyday vertical position to a much less comfortable horizontal one. A position that isn't very close to the ground. When some wires snap and manage to not kill him and yet still take care of the bindings at his wrists, he swings down and dangles in the air thankful his boots were still secure.

But not too thankful. Golozar yells out to him what he already knows. His boots remain secure, but his feet are slowly, but surely slipping free of them.


Teysa and company finally make it truly inside the structure, and what does the baroness see? She sees a one-armed goblin shoot fire out of her feet and take to the skies... as well as dragon eggs beginning to crack.

...By the flight sphere...

Crix lets go of Kos telling him to do what he can to delay Hauc while she goes back to free Golozar. How this old former wojek is supposed to handle the mage lord is anyone's guess. Good news is that the two of them fight on his left. The physical brawling includes groin hitting and detached goblin arm slapping and everything. For an unknown reason the magelord hardly attempts to use any devastating spells, something that even Kos wonders about to himself

After some time of back and forth fighting, and Kos' attempts of Spider-man style quips that fail to get Hauc to reveal anything, notably:

"So why do you want to do this, Hauc? Niv-Mizzet hurt your feelings?"

(I think Kos just said the magic word.)

Hauc finally decides that the fight is a waste of time. Kos gets knocked to the ground and he begins to read the spell.


While getting in hadn't been too difficult, the fight inside finally came to a standstill. The defending hydropryrics , not be confused with the pyrohydrics, survived the initial flood of water just fine. Both the virusoids and the zombies were having trouble with them and wouldn't last long. Barkfeather himself was facing off against several at once, and Nayine and the minotaurs had already been sent to administer the cure to every goblin they could reach inside the Cauldron.

She needs more forces and Dreka-Tooth was all she had left by her side, so it was the goblin-troll that was sent to relay the message for the taj to quit with the fighting outside and help her within. Moments later the shadewalkers appear which tells her fight outside was essentially over anyway. The real threat wasn't the elementals. It was the dragons. So she commands the three to sever the supports holding up some beams in two... no... three minutes time.


The Draconic language was a beautiful thing, and he was one of the few people in the world that could speak it. The Schism up above glowed with fifty years worth of souls, ready to be released. Our heroes have other plans, and the hulking mass of Golozar knocks him to the ground, and Crix takes this moment of distraction to snatch her arm back from the magelord.

Hauc looks down in despair and yells for the dragons to wait. They just had to wait! He needs to cast the spell first. They need him. The world needs him to be in charge.


The pyrohydrics were fearsome indeed. Fighting water and fire was no easy task. But her summoned taj went about defeating them without hesitation. Teysa watches as the ghosts left the bodies they possessed and attempt to merge with the elementals, however since the elementals were not just dead bodies, the results were literally explosive taking out both hydropyric and taj alike.

Then right on time, the shadwalkers destroy the parts of the platform above, and the pieces come crashing down atop the purples dragon's head just as it was ready to hatch. Over 15,000 years of incubation and it was over just like that.

Two dragons eggs still remain however, as well as the magelord. Teysa orders Dreka-Tooth to take the remaining taj and go after Hauc while she figures out what to do.

* * *

The Magic Word

There has been such a big deal about Hauc needing the spell to travel in secret by land, refusing to communicate about his plan unless in his protected flight sphere, about shutting up Crix before she could completely say out loud the name of the Izzet Guildmaster... it's going to be a shame if now that Kos' finally says the dragon's name out loud, that nothing comes of it.


The chaotic switch in POVs served its purpose here. None of the battles were spectacularly impressive, but when you get a collective view of the chaos I think it works just fine. And look at that, one of the dragons already died. I was expecting it to pop out and eat Teysa's dromad and escape the clutches of Hauc's spell. I'm sure at least one of the remaining two will break free. Two more chapters and an Epilogue to find out what happens.

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