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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dissension - Chapter 5

It ain't easy being Guildmaster.

Dissension - Chapter 5

Q: What did the zombie say to the neuromancer?
A: "You going to eat that?"
                                                      -101 More Zombie Jokes
                                            (Dead Funny Press, 5410 Z.C.)

31 CIZARM 10012 Z.C.

Jarad hadn't particularly sought out the position of guildmaster, but now that he had it he was determined to do a good job of it. But meeting with Fonn always put him on edge. Rather than getting  back to his busy schedule he decides to take a break and go hunting. That's the very reason he ends up being late for his meeting  with the Devkarin high priest Nillis and his zombie foreman Ulkis. The high priest does not look happy. The Golgari farms are to be set ablaze during this holy period known as the cycle of renewal, and the event should be shown respect.

Before Jarad has to time to feel bad about his performance, he takes a look at the fields and notices bundles scattered throughout the field. They were human sacrifices. Jarad didn't want the job but as guildleader he is determined to reform the Golgari image. Human sacrifices are strictly forbidden.

Jarad turns and punches his priest. He commands that he personally go out to the fields and free each and every one of them or he will join them. Jarad isn't the necromancer that his sister Savra had been, but he's learned a few tricks to help him with his rule. One of those tricks allows for complete obedience from his zombie foreman, and he leaves instructions with Ulkis to oversee Nills in his new task and to break his ribs and hold him for Jarad to return if he fails. The burning will have to be delayed a day, no matter what the holy tenants required.

Jarad hops from one meeting to another. This time with a representative with the Simic Combine. He's met with Dr. Otrovac several times before, and he is prepared to give the same answers. The Simic want him to use their latest technology to enhance his zombie workers. It is called cytoplasty. The stuff is a self-molding substance. You place it over any limb and it shapes itself to be whatever form is desired. The technology is being spread all over Ravnica, surely he wants to join in. The Orzhov are using it to justify the higher cost of slaves, the Izzet have found many uses for it, and Fonn herself has a cytoplastic hand to replace the one that had been torn off by his sister.

He doesn't like it. It is too suspicious. Too convenient. Not only does the Simic want to give it away for free, but this time Otrovac says he's authorized to also pay him an additional eight million. No? Ten million then. How about fourteen? The higher the price goes the crazier it all sounds, and Jarad makes it perfectly clear he wants nothing to do with them. He is not going to rely on an outside Guild to have such a strong foothold within his domain.


Dr. Otrovac thinks to himself that he agrees with Jarad's assessment. The deal sounds much too suspicious. He is one of the Simic's best negotiators, but he can't negotiate properly if he has no clue as to his guildleader's end game. Maybe he can find out.

The doctor unbuttons the top of his shirt to reveal a cytoplastic augmentation that had been attached to him a few months ago. It is shaped like an eye but when he speaks to it Momir Vig responds.

Otrovac tells his guildmaster that he is convinced there is no way Jarad will ever consent to the deal however Momir Vig assures him that the next time will be different. Steps are already in place.

* * *

Golgari Reformation

I don't like it. I know we're already past the Golgari book, but I want to see the Golgari be who the Golgari are. Why the need for reformation? They do have charity kitchens already, isn't that good enough? Not to mention it doesn't sound like a good idea to go against your high priest and the Golgari religion, even if you know for a fact that Svogthir is dead. They thought he was dead for the past thousand years anyway. I was perfectly happy with murder being an expected part of Ravnican society to the point that in many cases it's not even a crime.

And what happened to Savra's staff with Svogthir's skull attached? The high priest normal staff with him. You'd think something that special would have been kept amongst the Golgari.


Obviously the Simic are up to no good. And I have my suspicions as to what's going on, but I'll let you make your own guesses for a chapter or two more before I say anything. I am pretty sure I'm right, but I'll of course let you know if the story turns out otherwise.

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