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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dissension - Chapter 4

Looks like Wojek duty is over for Fonn, time to don her other uniform.

Dissension - Chapter 4

A ledev has no love but the open road and no family except the Conclave - at least that's what the Conclave wants you to believe.
-Memoirs of a High Centuriad
Published anonymously, 9104 Z.C.
Banned by the Selesnya conclave, 9105 Z.C.
Second printing, 9106 Z.C.

31 CIZARM 10012 Z.C.

Thanks to her performance at the Decamillenial, and no doubt also due to the fact that her former wolf mount Biracazir is now a part of the actual Conclave, Fonn was promoted from ledev guardian to centuriad. One of her new responsibilities is the training of new recruits which happens to include her son Myczil.

As part of their training they were going to patrol down the road to Utvara where they were likely to come across members of the Rakdos, Gruul, and maybe Golgari guilds going about their business. Just because she feels some guilt towards hardly ever speaking to Agrus Kos before his untimely death, this path wasn't chosen as some kind of pilgrimage to honor his memory. Really.

Speaking of the Rakdos, there appeareds to be a Rakdos prayer-gang down the road a mile or so. Most likely her and the recruits would be ignored, but it is always a good idea to keep an eye on the Rakdos. They've laid low since their last rebellion, but you never know when it comes to Death Cultists. The problem with keeping an eye on them, however, was the dark smoke was being blown in thanks to a change in the wind, and that smoke mixing in with the day's fog creating a unsightly mess.

The fog bank was going to be hard to see through when it hit them, and the best idea she can come up with is to instruct the recruits to keep talking even once the bank hit. They need to know that each and every one of them were accounted for.

(They being a rich girl named Lilyeyama Tylver who dreams of being a warrior-princess, another human Aklechin, the centaur Orval, and of course her own son Myczil.)

Just before the fog hits them, Fonn's wolf Tharmoq freezes and refuses to budge for an unknown reason. In a matter of seconds the fog becomes too thick to see through, and she hears panic in the recruit's voices. Only Myczil attempts to keep everyone calm like instructed.

Her son's voice was the last thing she heard before the sound of chaotic Rakdos music drowned him out. Fonn saw other shapes in the gray - tall, scarecrow bodies, and hulking things that were all shoulders and arms.

She draws her sword and calls for Myc. Her only response is a rasping voice and a cackle, and a damp rag over her mouth.

* * *

Fonn, Off-Duty Wojek

What happened to that birds of paradise theft? She's just going to leave it to Pijha? Will we see him again? Is that it?

Oh well. We're back to the open road now with a pack of young'uns. They seem to be your standard fare of fantasy travelers. There's the pretty rich girl, the guy who has a crush on her, your centaur buddy, and the main character who happens to be related to the officer in charge. Is that a good thing? Could be. They seem like a fun bunch. The problem is I want to see city life. I don't want to hear about open roads. I want wall-to-wall skyscrapers that are so tall that they block out the sun. I want a chase through one of the many aqueducts and the roof-top gardens depicted in the cards. But it doesn't seem like that's to be.

But what is going to happen? They seemed to be going to Utvara where they'd run into the nephilim, but now they're all captured. At least we finally got to see some Rakdos in action. Hopefully we'll see plenty more. Quite possibly the prayer-gang has captured them to perform one of their ghastly rituals and they'll have to break free.

Will we get to see any new POVs however? I don't expect to get any POVs from Rakdos despite him being on the cover, but it'd be nice to get something from them. However with Crix, Teysa, Fonn, and Jarad all taking center stage (and possibly Feather?), that might be too much to ask. That's too bad.

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