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Friday, August 26, 2011

Dissension - Chapter 3

More familiar friends return.

Dissension - Chapter 3

Don't say I have the face of an angel,
'Cause it's such an easy thing to do.
I would never want the face of an angel,
Not after seein' what an angel goes through.
                                   -Face of an Angel, by Shonya Bayle,
                                                    the Balladrix of Tin Street

30 CIZARM 10012 Z.C.

Welcome to Prahv , the seat of Azorius power, or at least welcome to the lower levels and the prison cells. It's a place that Teysa Karlov has seen plenty of times in the past, but never in such a state. It was clear from the level of filth down here that the Senate has decided that janitorial duties in these lower levels were a low priority. This is just another sign of the larger problem. The Senate is filled with too much bickering and power grabs rather than being focused on ruling with justice as their role within the Guildpact dictates. They were becoming like the Orhzov.

Teysa retired as an advokist but a call had come in a few hours ago that she couldn't resist. She'd only met the woman the one time at Agrus Kos' funeral, but everyone wanted to get a word with the only remaining angel on the plane. At least ministers of Azorius still held on to enough of their bureaucratic nature to keep even the speakers of the Upper House from getting their turn before the accused had a chance to speak with her advokist.

It had only been hours since the imprisonment, and already there were rumors spread throughout the streets about the "holy prisoner of Prahv" and how she was being wrongly imprisoned. Teysa would certainly gain some political power by taking on this case, and maybe she even learn why and how Feather had emerged from the Schism, and give her more insight to it.

The angel was kept locked away in her cell, equipped with window and invizomizzium bars to transferr sound in and out for communication. Teysa is shocked to see the state of the angel who has suffered injuries that would have killed someone less mortal. When the issue of medical care is brought up however, Feather refuses and wants to get straight to it.

"I am accused on multiple violations. Desertion in a time of war. Striking a superior. Breaking otaths. Failure to attend to my duty as a wojek officer and as a Boros Legionary. I may well be guilty of guild-matricide as well."

...Half an hour later....

The angel is very detailed, and surprisingly honest. And that honesty is how Teysa was going to get her free. She has a plan.

...Above Utvara...

Crix does what she can while she waits for help to arrive, but any attempts at shuttling people to safety only leads to her flight sphere being mobbed by everyone nearby. But she has to do something, people are dying left and right and so Crix directs people to safety from above.

Then Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind arrives.

He tells her quite clearly that this whole situation is unacceptable. It was her job to ensure that all the dragon remains were properly incinerated, nothing should have been able to feast on dragon flesh. But the nephilim need to be dealt with now, and it was ultimately Zomaj Hauc's fault, so he would decide if Crix was to die later.

Niv-Mizzet uses his dragon fire and melts down the remains of the Cauldron. Next is the nephiim. Niv-Mizzet is ready to enjoy this. Crix tries to suggests care when it comes to the attacking near the townsfolk, but one doesn't give Niv-Mizzet commands.

My wrath does not take care, the Firemind growled. Once awakened, it will see blood. Enjoy the show.

Niv-Mizzet roars, and the five nephilim respond in kind. Each of them have grown considerably and now outweigh him, but that doesn't stop him. He quickly takes out the witch-maw nephilim with his dragon fire, and then moves on to the next. The dune-brood nephilim , a very frog-like nephilim with six arms has been spewing out froglings from its mouth that have been terrorizing the town, and he incinerates hundreds of them with each strafing blast. The creature manages to grab his tail as he tries to flick some of the froglings that grabbed on to him, and is promptly slammed to the ground. The dragon recovers quickly, and unleashed a blast directly into its mouth down into its belly resulting in a messy explosion.

But as Niv-Mizzet tries to take on the serpent-like glint-eye nephilim , a second nephilim in the ink-treader supplies back up by tearing off false eyes from its own head and uses them as projectiles against the dragon. Niv-Mizzet claims his fun is over and he looks forward to seeing how lesser beings than himself will manage to take on the remaining three.

Whatever he claims, Crix can't help but think the dragon is injured and afraid as she watches him fly away from Utvara, and away from his nest in Ravnica proper itself.

* * *


I may well be guilty of guild-matricide as well.

What's this "may" all about? Did she attempt to kill Razia, Boros Archangel and isn't sure she succeeded? (Why would she do that? Was Razia corrupted somehow like the Azorius seem to be?) Or was there an accident that she's inappropriately laying claim to too much of the blame? Was she ordered to kill her? We'll just have to see, and maybe it will even make sense as to why she turned herself in.


I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel. Dragons were supposed to be the end of the world in the last book. And how Niv-Mizzet does show he's pretty fearsome, but world-devastatingly so. Either I'm disappointed in his performance, or I think it's smart he's been taking out of the picture because it would have made things too easy. I'm just not sure either way just yet.

This chapter seems to validate my thoughts about Guildpact and the disproportionate reaction our heroes had to the actual threat level of the dragons.


I'm glad she's still in the picture, and the pairing of Teysa with Feather could be pretty interesting. I also like how there's a good reason as to why she doesn't know her new home and protectorate is being devastated. She's been the assigned with possibly the case of the millenia, and like all the book of the trilogy, the story takes place in the span of a few days so it will likely be a few chapters before she realizes what's going on back home.

But still.. where are the new Guilds!!!

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