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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dissension - Chapter 2

Looks like we're not done with the half-elf Fonn.

Dissension - Chapter 2

Volunteers shall be given the full rights and responsibilities of commissioned wojeks while on duty. Academy training shall not be required for qualified volunteers who have five or more years experience in the approved organizations named in Subsection A.
-Wojek-Ledev Joint Operations Agreement,
Section 2

No owl-folk need apply.
                           -Sign in the window of the Wojek Recruiting Office

30 CIZARM 10012 Z.C.

Fonn is back, now with a partner Nikos Pijha, and wearing a new outfit.

She wore both the Boros crest and the cloak pin of the Selesnya Conclave over a gleaming new wojek breastplate bearing a still-shiny ten-pointed star. A green cape contrasted with the red hanging from Pijha's shoulders, and she wore her golden hair tied in a simple tail that emerged from beneath a helmet that was not wojek regulation - it was the lightweight protective headgear of the Selesnyan ledev guard.

Both were auxiliary wojeks. The events of the Decamillenial left the League of Wojek in desperate need for help, and they were happy to take volunteers from the ledev guard, Azorius baliffs, or elsewhere.

Fonn was interested in helping so she signed up, and what started out as short stints as a wojek evolved into taking up several months a year. This is one of those months and she was on a case.

There's been a murder at Zuza's Exotic Bestiary. A swarm of rats happily munch on the owner's body and the labmage Helligan is in the middle of an onsite necrotopsy The two auxiliary patrol officers, or apos, take a look around to piece everything together.

Pijha is quite content believing that the store specializes in selling rats, considering that they were revered in certain cultures. His best guess was that Zuza had been knocked out, the rats freed, and then they ate her to death. His Uncle Poll had kept rats in high regard and it just seemed to make sense that way.

Fonn thinks otherwise and Helligan provides the proof. This was most definitely a murder, as the existence of a woundseeker proved that this was a violent death and not one of natural causes, and murder of a Orzhov representative meant a violation of trade rules which was a no-no. As for motive? A feather from a bird of paradise . Forget rats, that was truly exotic and expensive.

This was not going to just be an open and shut case.

...In the undercity...

Golgari Guildmaster Jarad is on a hunt, a hunt that his eleven year old son had planned out. This was his first hunt against two legged prey, and Jarad was impressed with how he was going to deal with thirteen zombies that had rebelled against Jarad's orders and were raiding roads they shouldn't be. The plan however did not include his ex-wife to show up. Fonn stops her dromad before the pack, and asks if there's going to be trouble. Once it's clear that's the case, she dismounts and draws her sword.

Myczil looks to his father and asks what to do, and the only real choice is to attack on three. The two spring from their hiding spots and take out two of the zombies before the zombies realize what's happening, then the fight really begins. The three elves leave the battle unharmed no problem. With that out of the way it's time for family business.

Jarad wished things hadn't ended up badly between Fonn and himself, but he can't change the past and it was time for Myczil to go with his mom and return to his ledev studies. Which side of the coin he'd eventually settle on was still in doubt, or if he'd take a third path in life, but the choice has to be up to him.

Jarad waves one last good-bye to his son, and can't shake a feeling that something bad is going to happen.

* * *


Now this really feel like the beginning of a proper sequel. While Guildpact wasn't bad, the urban setting is what I wanted to read about, and not one with a wild west kind of feel. I'm not against Westerns, but it contradicted my view of the world of Ravnica in a way that I could never fully accept. That's pretty apparent with how much I enjoyed this chapter. This is where the story needs to take place.

Fonn and Jarad

I love that Fonn and Jarad aren't still together like it appeared when they showed up for Kos' funeral. It's so great. In the story sense, they didn't seem like they were very compatible in the the first place. They were just two elves forced to work together. In the writing sense, the times where Fonn kept on thinking about how he was kind of cute while in the middle of being kidnapped or other in appropriate times was too bizarre and just annoyed me.

Here in this chapter, it was easy to really feel that they had history together. If that factors more into this book, I think I could actually enjoy it if handled right.


The three new guilds are still noticeably missing. I hope Pijha isn't our only Azorius representative because he's performing a Boros role in serving as a part time wojek. That's cheating.

It's not time to panic yet but I hope we see the real Guild representatives soon.


This sentence was so bizarre that it has to be mentioned.

Father and son sprang from the blind simultaneously behind the zombies.

Given the situation, the sentence is clearly meant to convey:

"Father and son simultaneously sprang from behind the zombies." 

That or something very similar. I can't imagine it being intentional and must be an editing oversight.

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