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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Worlds and Beyond, Part 1 - Introduction

Originally I was going to 100% stick to all content on this site be dedicated to just the fiction of Magic: The Gathering. In fact I hadn't even played in years when the site went up. I just wanted to really read all the books that had passed me by.

But with Worlds coming to San Francisco and a very real interest in Legacy as a format, on top of wanting to what it's like to compete in a real tournament for the first time, I thought I'd add a series of articles detailing how a n00b goes about the process. I made the announcement a month ago . What have I been doing since then?

Choosing a Deck

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to choosing a deck. What style of deck do I want to play? Will I be able to pilot it well? How good is the deck? Will I have fun with the deck? What kinds of cards do I already have and how much money do I want to spend? Etc.

Well... the answer to all these questions was pretty easy. I'm a Timmy/Johnny/Spike as well as a Melthos. I didn't really have to decide what deck I wanted to play, the existence of the deck is a big part of the reason I'm interested in the format. That deck is Merfolk.

I started playing Magic during Revised, and in my first Starter was a Savannah Lions , a Fork , and a Lord of Atlantis . You can be sure it was the Lord that most caught my eye. My first 200 card box that I bought was covered in drawings this great merfolk lord and Sea Singers , Merfolk of the Pearl Trident , and whatever other merfolk I could get my hands on.

In fact one of my absences from the game occurred from Kamigawa through Time Spiral block. I kept on reading up on Magic news, and I was thrilled that the Lord of Atlantis was given the merfolk creature type when Time Spiral came around, but it wasn't until Lorwyn and the glorious return of merfolk as a tribe that I attended my first (and what ended up being my only) Prerelease.

I bought all the cards because I loved the creature type. The new faeries tribe was interesting to me too, but I wasn't going to pick them up until after I made my merfolk deck. (And since I wasn't really one to go to tournaments, I never really felt like I "missed out" on picking up any faerie cards while they were cheap.)

After Lorwyn/Shadowmoor blocks were over, not only did I not play Magic, but I also fell away from all the Magic news. As a Vorthos, the return of the Phyrexians renewed my interest, and lo and hold... Merfolk is a Tier 1 deck in Legacy? And something called Mental Misstep will make the deck even stronger?

I have to play this. I didn't choose the deck, the deck chose me.

And here is a good a place as any to stop for the moment. I have a deck. So how does someone who has never played Magic at a competitive level prepare for Worlds? That's the ongoing question that I'll be answering with more articles to come. I have no set schedule for updates as of yet, (There is certainly a lot on my plate when it comes to executing ideas I have for this site.) so the best way to keep up with me may be to follow me twitter: @mtgfiction

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