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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Chapter 3

Last we saw, Agros Kos was ready to drink away his pain after a hard days work. Since he's a respectable wojek, that must mean responsible drinking right?

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Chapter 3

Promotion within the League shall be based on meritorious performance in the line of duty.
-The Wojeck Officer's Manual

23 ZUUN 9999 Z.C., SUNSET

Maybe he wasn't so responsible. This bar is owned by a ogre Garulsz, but still Agrus has no problem drinking enough to bring him to his belligerent drunk stage and picking fight with a minotaur.

...After the bar fight...

Agrus' partner, Bell Borca arrives with a message. He's been sent by command to drag him from where ever he is to stand before them. Our hero doesn't appreciate being scolded by someone he doesn't consider to be his true partner (because no one can take Mycil Zurich's spot) and he doesn't appreciate this summons by command. There are only three reasons for a summons: hiring, firing, or retiring. Well, there's a fourth reason, but it doesn't rhyme with the others so it's always left out of the saying.

(The fourth option can't possibly be a promotion. That's just ridiculous...)

(Oh yeah, don't forget your sarcasm goggles.)

Borca, one of the more recent recruits to the Boros Legion, after their ranks were decimated during the Rakdos uprising, leads the way. This way includes passing by a giant stone titan, named after the legendary wojek Zobor. It's one of ten titans that ring the city, a symbol of the Boros power.

Their final destination is the Brass Chamber in Centerfort (Not Sunhome ?) where all the Boros leaders sit in what I'm sure are fancy yet functional seats. What was a bit odd was the presence of a lawmage from the Azorius senate, and a quietman (some silent floating guy with a hood that covers his face). Odd but not totally unexpected. In the case of the quietman, they were everywhere these days because of the coming celebration. History needed to be witnessed, and that's what quitemen did.

(*suspicious glare*)

After a long-winded talk where Agrus Kos shows off his Sherlock Holmes side because he knows that's what the Brass are looking for, Kos is promoted despite his protests (Desk jobs are not his style). He grudgingly accepts his fate when he is assured that captains aren't prohibited from doing field work when that captain feels it's necessary.

...Soon after...

On his way back to his room, Kos sees the ghost of his long dead partner. And impossible act. His partner's been dead a long time, and ghosts can't linger for fifty+ years. Kos shakes his head, doesn't believe what he's seeing, and enters his room.

* * *

Good Trick

Ok, there we go. After getting through a lot or paragraphs pretending we didn't know he was going to get promoted, we reach a major change in our hero's life which should give us the opportunity to learn new things alongside our hero.

That's one of the big reasons why it's often beneficial to do the hero's journey. A naive protagonist creates a natural method to introduce readers to the world. He learns as we learn. This promotion seems to be a way to take a different approach to gaining the same result.

Let's just hope that learning isn't as long-winded this chapter was. We go the backstories to several of the wojek brass, as well as a very detailed account as to how Kos figured out he was summoned before them for a promotion. This is just Chapter 3, so I can forgive this amount of world-building, but let's just hope it doesn't remain at this level for too long.

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