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Friday, July 29, 2011

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Chapter 16

The quietmen are more than watching.

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Chapter 16

Except in cases of egregious abuse (as determined by a superior), no wojek officer shall be held personally accountable for property damage that occurs during the course of any investigation.
-Wojeck Officer's Manual


Death to the half-demon. That was all that was on their mind one moment. That was before the quietmen. The nine floating watching crash through the giant window, and rather than go straight for Kos, Jarad, or Iv'g'nork, they go on an indiscriminate murderous rampage. Sides change in an instant. Why just waste a demon when he has a lot of fight left in him. Iv'g'nork is happy to take as many quietmen with him while Kos and Jard run back to the others.

How are the others reacting? Feather is calmly perplexed while Fonn is desperate to make sense of what is going on. The Conclave is about life. She has to go inform them about what must be a strange offshoot of the quietmen.

The truce between Kos and Jarad was meant only to last while they remained in the pit, but it looks like they'll have to work long still. At least long enough to get out of the building. However the panic towards the exits have made that a bit complicated.

Pivlic swoops in, and suggests they all head for the room. He has a way out.

...On the roof...

Tweleve quietmen ring the building in clusters of three, one for the each side. Yet it takes a second or two for the quietmen's kill switch to flip on, and the groups sprints towards Pivlic's getaway plan.

He gestured at the long, golden yacht zeppelid that sat parked on the far side of the roof. The zeppelid was a living airship, a giant species of lizard that in the wild grew to enormous size in their high-altitude habitat. Pivlic's smaller domesticated zepp was bred for speed. The bulbous passenger compartments mounted on its flanks were sleek and aerodynamic, the cockpit set into its cartilagenous skull was topped with a pair of artificial stabilization fins, and a pair of Izzet-designed mana-powered speed-pods were mounted over the zeppelid's vestigial rear fins. The Orzhov Guild seal was printed on the longer tailfin.

Biracazir waited by the door, brought up by one of Pivlic's attendants. They made it in dodging the attacks by the quietmen. Feather takes the pilot seat while Pivlic tries to secure what seems like his retirement fund to the walls.

However the quietmen begin their barrage on the vehicle. For some reason they don't use their seemingly unnatural strength that was able to toss patrons across the room with ease, and the simple continually ram themselves into the zeppelid. While ineffective at breaking inside, it does rock the boat enough to cause a chest to fall upon the restaurant owner and knock him unconscious.

Right before they had closed the door, a messenger falcon had successfully found its way to Kos. Labmage Helligan was told Kos was off the case, but there was no one else he could turn to. The wojeks were spread thin thanks to the upcoming Convocation and he needed to tell someone. Bayul was alive. That's why the necrotopsy hadn't worked.

And with that message, they had their destination.

They take off, but can't quite seem to leave the quietmen behind. The quietmen continue to ram into the zeppelid.

Despite everything that had happened, Fonn still fought an instinct to turn herself over to them. it was ingrained in her very being. She forced that indoctrination to the back of her mind. The quietmen were her enemies now.

(More on this later.)

One of the many crates falls over and breaks up, revealing a hidden stash of expensive bam-sticks. The elves open the hatch taking a handful with them.

...Up front...

Borca relays the facts about the bam-sticks and elves going up top because hey, they conveniently forgot to tell the pilots to hold the ship as steady as possible, and Borca needed something to do right?

...Up top...

Jarad and Fonn fire away. The bam-sticks and have a powerful kick, and they manage to blow up one of the speed pods, but in the end, the fifteen quitemen that had been trailing them reduced to eleven.

Then the quietmen begin to slow, and follow in what appears to be a herding pattern. (Because Feather is actively trying to dodge these faster, more maneuverable creatures rather than trying to fly A to B while keeping the ship as steady as possible?... *shrugs*...)

What they were being herded two was a pair of Devkarins on their flying beetles. One of them was Dainya.

Jarad demands and explanation and Dainya announces that he has been declared to be a traitor to the Golgari and the holy matka. Jarad hits the other beetle square on the head, and challenges Dainya to leave now or she'll be next.

(Because it's smart to allow one of the Savra's most loyal followers, who was ready to challenge the huntmaster on his decisions during a hunt, to run away back to report on his whereabouts.)

She does the smart thing that shouldn't have been offered to her, and flees, and the quietmen follow. This fact allows Fonn to come up with the hypothesis:

"That could explain their behavior," Fonn said. "Elves are naturally attuned to the song of the Selesnya Conclave. If your matka found a way to control them, even  a small group of them, it could explain this violence. I've really got to talk to Bayul."

* * *

Full Speed Ahead

Well, there we go. It seems like the final assault has begun. The exact end goal, likely to benefit the Dimir more so than the Golgari. (But shhh... don't tell Savra that.) I would have been interesting had this been a secret war between Dimir (acting through the Golgari) vs Selesnya, but this way works as well. Have the Dimir behind it all. How will the repercussions of this echo throughout the whole trilogy? That's something I'm looking forward too the most. How are these main characters going to carry over into the other books that center around the other Guilds.

Fonn and Her Religion

That line most definitely didn't feel earned. It's been announced that she's been a ledev guardian, and she's certainly been concerned with being a bodyguard, but she hasn't come off as particularly religious. On top of that, in this very same chapter, it was mentioned that she actually has issues with keeping faith in abstract concepts thanks to both her parents leaving her at an early age.

That absolutely was handled wrong and created a noticeably false tension during the chase and Fonn's decision on if she could get herself to fire upon the quietmen.

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