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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Chapter 15

It's obvious who's going to win this fight. But the real question is, what secrets will be revealed.

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Chapter 15

Two or more enter, but only one feeds.
                                    -Sign over the entrance gate to Pivlichino's Dining Pit #1


(Get ready for some confusion.)

Anxious to watch the action, Fonn finds a woman with a too large cloak place her hands upon the back of Jarad's empty seat and ask if the seat is taken. She wants to join her.

"Well, I'm busy," Fonn said. "A friend of mine is down there fighting a demon." She'd used the word "friend" without thinking, she realized with surprise. Something about the woman put her at ease, which Fonn wasn't certain was a state she needed to reach at the moment. "That is, an associate," she hurriedly corrected herself, "who is doing his best to get himself killed."

(A lot more on this later.)

Feather continues on to ask questions and Fonn, which finally pisses her off, then Feather deflects her anger by suggesting they go the rail and get a closer look of the fight. Her soothing angel presence works on her, and Fonn falls into her trap. Feather gets her into a double arm bar and it's interrogation time.

The big question? Who they are and what does that have to do with the attack on Tin Street.

Fonn isn't going to answer that easily, and has the attitude of "Who are you, and what are you going to do about if I don't tell you. Throw me into the fighting pit?"

In the end, Fonn can't compete with an angel wojek, and her secrets are tricked out of her.

"My associate and I have been looking for you."

"Kos," Fonn said, sparing another glance at the pit. "Your associate is Agrus Kos. But he's a wojek, not an assassin."

(More on this later as well.)

..Down below...

Surprise, surprise. The other petitioner for certain secrets is a Devkarin hunter. One that Kos has seen fifty-seven years ago. (Oh reeealllly?)

There really isn't much time to catch up though. Iv'g'nork is hungry.

It's clear that the strength and size of the half-demon would be too much for either, so they do the only sensible thing, they attack from different sides, tagging in and out. An additional difficulty in facing this particular foe is the face that while he doesn't have any armor, he has natural bone plates covering most of his body. Kos manages to stick his sword between some plates in his armpit, but then he loses his sword.

Eventually the half-demon manages to catch the nimble elf, and chokes him single-handledly. Kos makes a make-shift spear, and decides to attack the same weak spot he wounded before. (Makes sense.) Then the experienced and seasoned veteran of a Wojek of more than sixty years yells out the demons name before throwing the spear, so he misses as the half-demon turns to face him. (Does not make sense. Come'on. Was that necessary?) Kos' attempted rescue fails, but Jarad was playing possum. He reaches out and six beetles fall upon the demon, eating their way into his ears, eyes, and mouth.

Iv'g'nork is defeated, but there isn't much time. The beetles will eat their way to his heart soon enough. By the way Kos is dressed, Jarad concludes that they're there for the same reasons, that Kos doesn't have the backing of the League of Wojek, and they might as well work together.

...Up above...

It's here where we're told that Fonn spotting Kos really did have an affect on her (would have been much better placed had it been last chapter). She was a child when she left Ravnica with her mother. Her mom pointed him out when they left the city and told her he was responsible for her father's fall. Since then she's learned some things that make her think her mom might have been putting too much blame on his shoulders.

In the end, she decides to control her possible misplaced hate for him.The fact that he was searching for her when he found out she was involved, is a nice gesture. The agree they working together is for the best.

...Back in the pit...

On the ground and in pain, they give Iv'g'nork a choice. He can tell them what they want to know and he'll get the option to have the beetles stop eating and maybe he'll live or they can continue eating so the pain ends. If he doesn't cooperate he'll have no choice and instead the beetles will sting him with a necrotizing poison, and he won't able to plot his revenge from the afterlife if he never makes it there.

He tells them what they want to know.

(How do you interrogate a demon? That's how.) 

They're focused on Iv'g'nork, but Borca tries to tell them something weird is going on. Nine figures float right outside the large, expensive window that overlooks the canyon.

What does that have to do with the answer to who bought to bomb-gob from him?

"Yeah, yeah, it was one of them," Iv'g'nork repeated. One of them quietmen."

* * *

It's Later

"Well, I'm busy," Fonn said. "A friend of mine is down there fighting a demon." She'd used the word "friend" without thinking, she realized with surprise. Something about the woman put her at ease, which Fonn wasn't certain was a state she needed to reach at the moment. "That is, an associate," she hurriedly corrected herself, "who is doing his best to get himself killed."

So he tells this total stranger that she knows who's fighting down there, when they're trying to lay low (as possible) because there are bounties on their heads. And she just tells her! That's crazy! Then she goes on at how she's surprised she opened up so quickly, and I was thinking, "Good. It is crazy, but if she realizes she slipped up, at least we're given that much. Wait.. .what's that you say? She's surprised because she used the word "friend." Oh please. I get it. She likes him. I get it. You don't need to tell me again. And then she has to correct herself and say "associate" to clear things up, still not caring that she's revealed that she knows him. At the very least we're told that angel's have a special presence about them that makes people feel comfortable, Herdon threw us a bone there. A small one, but a bone nonetheless.

Connections, connections

So now we know that Zunich died by falling. It's something that maybe would have created more suspense during the fall scene back in Chapter 10, but I suppose that chapter didn't necessarily need it. What's more interesting is that it really is Jarad that they're pursing. What's going on there?

And I mentioned before, it would have made more sense if we had Fonn's reaction to Kos last chapter. While the "fall" fact wasn't necessary to have been moved, this would have cleared up unnecessary questions without taking away from either chapter. The paragraph could almost be cut and pasted from one chapter to the other without changing a single word and it would have been fine.

Ghost Talk

I know Borca's a ghost, and all he can do it talk, but I wish he wasn't talking so much during the fight, when most of it was pointless and just distracting him. There was one line I liked though. It's during the fight, and Jarad is really showing his skill as a hunter:

"Wow," Borca said, "I hope you don't have to fight him next. You'd never be able to hit him."

"Shut up," Kos said.

Not So Quietmen

Can a clone of a quietman fly just as well as real quietmen? Are they Dimir agents? Are they even a race of creature? They're all covered from head to two in their robes and masks. Is this a setup to ruin the Convocation that's going to be led by the Selesnyan Guild? Whatever's happening. It can't be good.

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