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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Chapter 10

We flashback to the not so good day when Myczil Zunich dies.

Ravnica: City of Guilds - Chapter 10

       INCIDENT REPORT: 10/13MZ/430222
FIELD: 18 Griev 9943 Z.C.
PRIMARY Con. Kos, Agrus
SECONDARY: Lt. Zunich, Myczil

Kos and Zunich hop around as living caltrops try to position themselves to be stepped upon. The older wojek, Zunich, has seen these before. From one of the few Golgari bounty hunters that hunts above street level. They manage to lose track of him as they carefully move across the tile rooftops, when all of a sudden he attacks from nowhere.

The strike failed to be truly effective, and the assailant runs when his invisibility spell is damaged. Of important note, they see the Devkarin elf no longer has his bag with him. He must have set the kidnapped woman down.

But before they can give chase, some tiles slip out from underneath Zunich, With quick reflexes he flings one end of his grappler and it hooks onto his partner before he goes over the edge. He manages to gain a good footing as his boots slam into the lip of the roof as the rope goes taught. He holds on as begins his climb back to safety all the while the insects left behind have their way with him.

Zunich climbs back up, and insists quit with the false bravado and use some teardrops. (Fun Fact: They're not just concentrated mana. They're concentrated time, sold to the wojeks by the Simic.) Their fears that they've lost him are quenched as they spot him still traveling the rooftops a few buildings away. The empty sac on his shoulder prods them to discover his fleeing victim further on. They give chase, and it begins to rain.

* * *


We know of only one Devkarin elf with an invisibility spell. The chapter does mention the spells are pretty common (And we know that Jarad's a more powerful and rare version), but the past is the past, and Jarad could very well have discovered the more effective one he has in present day after this one failed him. But why kidnap the Rakdos boss Palla? Certainly not to rescue her from some horrible fate, much like he did with Fonn... or is it? How much of a role are the Rakdos going to play, when the Ravnica set revolves around the Boros, Selesnya, Dimir, and Golgari? The book seems to be mostly adhering to characters from those Guilds.

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