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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

M:TG.COM - M12 from the Inside, Part 1

07-13-11 - Flavor and Design of Magic 2012 Cards / Mind Control - Savor the Flavor - Doug Beyer

As part of the Magic 2012 design team, our flavor author Doug Beyer gives us both design and flavor comments on select individual cards from M12. These include:

Letter of the Week
Subject: Locus of control
Dear Doug Beyer,
I have a very straightforward question with which I hope you can help me.
What's the difference, flavor-wise, between cards like Mind Control , Enslave and Act of Treason ? I mean, it seems like those three colors are capable of strip off people's free will, but what differences are there between them and why?
I hope you can answer me,
Thank you!
--Fabio F.
This is a rare moment when Doug gets to tell stories from design and development. It was great. I love the reinvigorated flavor in the core sets since M10. As for the rating, since all articles from all the different columns get three stars, so will this.

As for the Amphin. My initial impression is that I like it. It's important that it gains an identity that is culturally and/or mechanically different from merfolk though. I probably have a bias, but while I thought the name cephalid was a good name, I was against them replacing merfolk. The vedalken don't do it for me what-so-ever, even less so than the too vanilla "wizards" that Wizards tried to use as the merfolk replacement. If Wizards can make it so the amphin are a race that work side-by-side with merfolk (gameplay wise, not necessarily flavorwise) I'm all for it. At least they're amphibian based and so there is something to work with there.

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