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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

M:TG.COM - Eleventeen M12 Art Tidbits, Also, Plants!

07-06-11 - The Art of Magic 2012 Cards / Plants! - MAGIC 2012 Week 2 - Savor the Flavor - Brady Dommermuth

A closer look at the art of individual M12 cards with short blurbs. Specifically:

-Aegis Angel  
-Chandra's Pheonix
-Furyborn Hellkite
-Volcanic Dragon
-Grand Abolisher
-Personal Sanctuary
-Jace's Archivist
-Goblin Grenade
-Phantasmal Dragon
-Dungrove Elder

Letter of the Week

Charlotte asks,
While thinking about a Vengevine deck, I realized that Vengevine is an Elemental and not a Plant, despite it quite obviously being composed of plant matter, etc. So, I decided to look at other Plants and green Elementals to see if there was any obvious rhyme or reason to why some plant-y creatures are plants, and others are elementals. I couldn't seem to find a clear reason. Can you offer any sort of guidelines that Development follows in choosing between these types for our photosynthetic friends?

Of the cards looked at... Distress absolutely takes the cake. That is one bizarre card. Although pretty much all these cards are great.

Something to note. This is now the second source that confirms that Jace is the defacto leader of the Infinite Consortium that first appeared in Agents of Artifice. (The first was Duels of the Planeswalkers 2.) That's a direct contradiction to the end of the novel... but there is a chance I don't know the full story since there is plenty of mtg fiction that I have yet to read.

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