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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

M:TG.COM - Core Curriculum

07-20-11 - Design and Flavor of Magic 2012 / Liliana Vess - Core Set Week - Savor the Flavor - Doug Beyer

As a member of the Design team, Doug Beyer talks about the process and how flavor is uniquely situated when it comes to core set design.

Letter of the Week:

Dear Doug Beyer,
Regarding your article "M12 from the Inside, Part 1":
Hello my name is Hiero. I was surprised that in M12 or even in other blocks Liliana Vess aka "Lilica" lol, has not appeared in another version, taking into account that other Planeswalkers already already in their second or third version (as is the case of Jace and Chandra). So is there any explanation for Liliana Vess not appearing in Magic the Gathering?

A very solid article.

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