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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Convocations - Page 9

Here we go with a three card combo illustrated by Bryon Wackwitz, with once again returning to using a very loose definition of the word. I'd say guessing two of these cards is doable... but can you guess all three? Here's the hint. None of these cards are from Beta. We have one from Arabian Nights, and two from Legends.

Convocations - Page 9

* * *

Did you guess it?

While I wasn't much of a red mage in the early days (and still it's not my first color of choice), I did love the idea of zero casting cost creatures, and I did pick up playsets of the Kobolds . Bloodlust on the other hand... I believe I own some, but I've never liked the card. (Ok, maybe I dabbled with it here and there, but I was only experimenting!) Part of the reason against it, is the picture is somewhat disturbing, and it's just too much red. Flipping back again to the other side, I tried to make Unstable Mutation work for me, but it never could quite stick.

As for the piece, I found the picture exceedingly clear that it was a kobold that was unstably mutated, and with a second look it's pretty clear that there is a bit of a lust for blood within him. However, I have the opposite feeling with the final piece when compared to Blood Lust. There isn't enough red. The illustration technically shows a mutated kobold that is on an aggressive rampage... but the lack of red takes away from the feel of the cards that it's supposed to represent.

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