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Friday, July 1, 2011

Convocations - Page 8

Here we go. Here's a piece by Brad Marshall that is inspired by combo that brings up fond memories. This card is strictly from Beta. (And only two cards, even though I initially thought it was three.) We're giving you an easy one here, can you guess it?

Convocations - Page 8

* * *

Did you guess it?

Considering these two cards are uncommons, and between my brother and me, we had several boxes of Revised between the two of us, you can bet the combo of Thicket Basilisk and Lure was discovered by us. And even though Cockatrice was coveted by the two of us (Same stats and it has flying!) we eventually realized that added ability was actually a liability when it came to this combo, and we became perfectly satisfied with our basilisks.

While the combo should be easy enough to see, the size of the basilisk did take me aback when I first saw it. I thought maybe this was a three card combo with Giant Growth thrown in as the third piece.

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