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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Convocations - Page 23

And here we are with the final combo in Convocations, done by Jeff Menges. One card is from Beta and the other is from Legends. Can you guess the combo?

Convocations - Page 23

* * *

Did you guess it?

Again, Legends is the bar in my early days from getting to experience some cards. With five toughness on The Wretched you would definitely hope you have some Giant Growths or Terrors in the deck if you're going to put Lure on him and block all their possible fatties, but this sounds like a lot of fun.

After seeing two misses for me, we close out with hit! The imagery of a demon like creature offering a apple to tempt creatures to join the other side is perfect. The fact that he's so in your face is perfect. I think this captures the images and the spirit of each card perfectly. The style of the art isn't my favorite, but everything else about the piece absolutely overcomes that part of it that this is certainly one of my favorites.

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