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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Convocations - Page 19

Does using a Keyword as it's supposed to be used count as a combo? If it does, well this is a combo here illustrated by Mark Pennington. Both cards come from Beta. Can you guess it?

Convocations - Page 19

* * *

Did you guess it?

It's not very impressive of a "combo" using White Knight and Mesa Pegasus together. Isn't that more of just playing White Weenie (in the early days)?

What else isn't that impressive is this piece. The composition isn't off like it was with the Stone Giant and Uthden Troll from last page, but I don't very much like the anime feel of it. Let's ignore the strange aven creature with not feathers and wings that isn't actually an aven... why is his shield upside down... and where are his sleeves!? This piece reminds me of the Ronin Warriors and/or Jayce and Wheeled Warriors.

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