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Monday, July 11, 2011

Convocations - Page 18

This is a piece by Leo Leibelman that should be pretty easy to identify. Both cards come from Beta. Can you guess the combo?

Convocations - Page 18

* * *

Did you guess it?

Stone Giant flinging Uthden Troll . I own both cards, they're around here somewhere, but I've definitely never had the urge to use either. If I wanted a regenerator, my go to card was Will-o'-the-Wisp , and who needs giants when I had Majamoti Djinns !

As for this piece, it's a big failure for me. They physics just don't look right. On the one hand, we have the Stone Giant lifting up the troll, but it actually looks more like he's just trying to flex his muscles and the troll happens to be in his hand or shaking his fist at the world. On the other hand it looks as if the Uthden Troll is already posed as if he's flying through air, as if he's already been flung. It's like the two characters have been photoshopped together and weren't designed as one whole piece. When I think of these two guys, I automatically think of the numerous depictions of Colossus flinging Wolerine in what they call the "Fast Ball Special". This, is not that.

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