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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Convocations - Page 12

Here we have the first combo that highlights two cards that I have never seen, illustrated by C. R. Lister. Again, this shouldn't be a surprise that both these cards come from Legends. After taking a look at the actual cards, one card should be pretty apparent if you're familiar with these cards, the other... I'm not so sure. Can you guess the combo?

Convocations - Page 12

* * *

Did you guess it?

If I had been a B/W player, Jovial Evil and Heaven's Gate may have been the kind of combo I would have liked to have in my decks, but I was playing before ebay was around, so getting access to any card I wanted, especially Legends cards since the set was so big, wasn't a very easy thing to do.

As for the art... the depiction of Heaven's Gate is excellent, but with Jovial Evil being more of a substance-less shape of a demon, rather than the pretty sinister looking red demon drawn above, I'm thinking that might not be as obvious. The art is very well done, although the bare space at the top makes me feel like it's trying to be a comic book cover, but no such thing is mentioned in the description in the back.

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