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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Quick note

I accidentally hit the power button to my desktop, and to my surprise... it worked! It seems that the whole system just needed a week off and a good compressed air cleaning.

But... it literally took more than eight hours from start to finish since I said yes to wanting to backup my files (just in case during this initial boot up) to being able to write this post. It's taken this whole time for the computer to scan my files, prepare them for backup, start burning them to multiple dvds, scan and repair stuff after the many times I didn't properly shut down my computer as I was trying to figure things out, boot up, then do Windows Update after Windows update.

Now that it's all up and running, and that stress of no real working computer is behind me, hopefully I can get back to a regular schedule again.

But not until after the Game of Thrones Season finale. I'm tired from the ordeal, and it's time for a beak (and not to mention it's father's day). If you aren't watching Game of Thrones. You should be.

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