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Friday, June 10, 2011

M:TG.COM - June 2011 Update Bulletin

06-10-11 - Update Bulletin - June 2011 - Feature Article - Matt Tabak

Surprise! The original plan was that you wouldn't be hearing from me until the Magic 2012 Oracle update, but Magic: The Gathering Commander brought some interesting changes, and I thought I'd take this opportunity to walk you through them. We limited the card updates this time around to the new cards in this product, cards receiving new templates involving hexproof, and two fixes for minor errors we discovered after the New Phyrexia update. There are also a handful of changes to the Comprehensive Rulebook, mostly involving the Commander format and a few tweaks to Phyrexian mana. As always, many thank to the dedicated players, judges, and organizers around the world who make Magic such a fantastic game to be a part of.

This round of Oracle updates will appear in Gatherer on or around June 15. The Comprehensive Rulebook updates are currently going through the editing and review process, meaning things in the final version may differ from what I talk about here. That update will be posted sometime during the week of June 13.
Have fun!

- Matt Tabak

What can I say? It's the Update.

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