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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

M:TG.COM - Fifteen Commanders, Fifteen Tales

06-22-11 - The Official Bios of the Fifteen Commanders - Commander Week - Savor the Flavor - Doug Beyer

There are official bios that were released in the Commander product boxes, and Doug shares them with us, as well as large images of each of the commanders.

Letter of the Week (As always, answer in then link above):

Dear Doug Beyer,

Regarding your article "Germ Warfare: The Flavor of Living Weapon":

This is probably a bit late, but given the reprint of your article on Living Weapons, I thought I'd ask about something I noticed with those Phyrexian creations throughout the 3 sets - it seems to me from the artwork, size and flavor that each living weapon could be combined Voltron-style to form a huge monstrosity.

Flayer Husks, obviously form up the claws, Strandwalker the legs, Skinwing, a set of leathery wings. Bonehoard comprises the rib cage and spine (getting larger as the ultimate living weapon takes more fragments into itself), while Batterskull makes up the head and Sickleslicer the tail. It even comes armed with Mortarpods - not quite sure about Necropouncer though (maybe a beak?)

Was the idea of this combined creation intentional? What would the Ultimate Living Weapon be? What would it look like?

-- Tad

$150+ to buy all five Commander decks it quite a lot, so it's fantastic that Doug chose to share these bios with us.

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