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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Convocations - Page 6

Here comes another combo, done by Gerald Lee, that might not be the easiest to figure out at first glance. One card should be pretty obvious, but the other you really have to think of the effect more than the image on the card.

Hint: Both cards are from Legends.

Can you guess it?

Convocations - Page 6

* * *

Did you guess it?

The obvious card is the Fallen Angel . The card that is often cited on where the art doesn't match the card. The drawing clearly shows a creature who no longer has wings, yet the card still have Flying. The second card is another that I never had the joy of owning, All Hollow's Eve . While blue was my primary color, I did hit a phase when I wanted to make a pure color deck for each of the five colors, and that included the somewhat variant, Living Death .

I should probably spell out the combo considering how tiny the text on All Hallow's Eve is. The book description says you should sac creatures to Fallen Angel at any time and do as much damage as you can with Fallen Angel, then when All Hallow's Eve kicks in, you can do it again! (Excitement more on their part and not mine.) What the description fails to mention is that you should probably sac all the other creatures you have in play that you haven't sacrificed yet (besides the Fallen Angel) when the All Hallow's Eve trigger hits the stack, so you can get the benefit from those creatures too. (Ok, maybe "should" is too strong of a word.)

This piece is another one of my favorites. Even though I don't think the art captures the essence of the combo as well as I'd like, I love the glee on the face of the fallen angel herself. The whole thing showcases the wingless flyer that I had to fight against throughout the years.

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