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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Convocations - Page 3

I will be very surprised if anyone can name the five cards that inspired this picture by Pete Venters. The description claims this is a combo, although by today's standards the cards would be referred to as being synergistic and not a combo at all. The hint is that the cards include one from Beta, one from Antiquities, and three from Ice Age. There is one green card, two black cards, and two artifacts. Two of the cards shout out their presence, the rest I would never have guessed no matter how long I looked at the piece. (The answer is further down the post. No Peeking!

Convocations - Page 3

* * *

Did you do better than me?

Obviously I guessed the Lhurgoyf with his ever classic, "Ach! Hans, run! It's the Lhurgoyf!", and the almost out of place Rocket Launcher (if not for it's extremely insane design that I had never noticed before despite owning a playset.) The other three cards include one of my most prized cards in my early days, the Nevinyrral's Disk , and two cards that I own, but I don't think I ever noticed before, Songs of the Damned , and Spoils of War .

The article claims the so called combo is this:

1) Play the disk, wait a turn, then activate it.
2) Play the Rocket Launcher.
3) Now that there are creatures in the each player's graveyards (supposedly), play Songs of the Damned and use that mana for either Rocket Launcher (and maybe to summon Lhurgoyf).
4) Summon Lhurgoyf if you haven't done so, if you have, then use another Songs of the Damned (or the same one if you saved it) and play Spoils of War to increase the power/toughness of the Lhurgoyf when you attack.

[Note: The image in the description was Spoils of Evil, also from Ice Age, rather than Spoils of War. Thankfully the text was right.]

The definition of combo sure has changed since 1996, if that was even correctly used back then. I do love the commando look to the Lhurgoyf along with how the unique look of the rocket launcher very much compliments him.

Bonus - Redesigning Lhurgoyf

Peter Venters, the artist of the original Lhurgoyf, did a blog series on the redesign of the art for 8th Edition.

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