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Friday, June 24, 2011

Convocations - Page 1

The first of many more unique images to come that are inspired by combinations of cards and are not depicted on any, this one done by Michael Kaluta.

[Note: Going to my friend's wedding. I'm going to finish Agents of Artifice for sure by Monday, in the mean time you'll be getting more Convocations content over the weekend.]

Convocations - Page 1

* * *

The First Page

This is different than most of the others, as this is a preview of Wayfarer #5 (Summary coming eventually as well as the summary for all other comics), which had yet to be released by the time this was on store shelves. While not immediately obvious to me, the summary at the back of the book (each page has a summary to explain what's going on in the back of the comic) says it features a Lord of the Pit being satisfied by sacrificing Plague Rats to it to keep its hunger at bay. The characters depicted are the Shadow Mage Carthalion (A character and comic created before John Finkel's Shadowmage Infiltrator card was created, and a character I assume is of the Shadow Mage series, and apparently of the Wayfarer series as well.) vs the evil planeswalker Ravidel.

(Gotta love that Beta templating on the Plague Rats.)

It may not be the best image to present first since I, and I'm sure most of you, have no context for the central figures depicted, but I can't help but go in order. We'll just have to wait until I get around to reading it to get a truer understanding of the struggle. Until then, we continue to appreciate the rest of the images in Convocations. There's some really great stuff to come.

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