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Monday, June 27, 2011

Agents of Artifice - Chapter 33

Looks like there's one last hurrah. It's the epilogue before the Epilogue.

Agents of Artifice - Chapter 33

The battle was over. Liliana works on pulling out the final arrow that dug into her leg and she works on the last stages of clean-up. What was a little bit of pain after all she's accomplished? After taking down Baltrice, the waves of guards that came after her still fell before her. She didn't take them all out, but so what? She was sealed within Tezzeret's throne room. From here her and Jace would rule over entire worlds. He would come, she was sure it.

Why would anyone object? She did care for him, and she knew he cared for her. If he couldn't play along... well... she's done horrible things to those she's cared for before, but that wasn't going to happen. Jace would be indebted to Nicol Bolas if all went to plan. Once Jace extracted what he needed from Tezzeret, everything she had worked for would come to pass. All she had to do was wait.

...Outside, in the hall...

Jace watches as guards stand around the doorway to Tezzeret's inner sanctum, not knowing what to do, and not knowing if they wanted to do it once they figured that out. It meant Liliana was alive. He was glad. That's all he came here to find out.

He wasn't sure if she'd forgive him for this, but he walks away. The Consortium would crumble and fall. The cells with strong enough leadership might survive, but without the knowledge that went with Tezzeret, it would never be the prize that Liliana and Nicol Bolas had wanted it to be.

He didn't need the Consortium. He lost a little bit of himself everyday he had been part of it. It was time to take a new path. But path to where?

And then, as he stepped into the same supply room at the base of the tower where he'd briefly worn Baltrice's face, he knew where to start. In the midst of all the looming questions, he realized abruptly what he had to do next. Because he knew, no matter whether he could ever forgive her, or she him, that he and Liliana would meet again; knew it as surely as he knew that a thousand suns would ruse tomorrow, across a thousand worlds.

When that happened, he would have her answer. He swore to himself that he would free Liliana from her bargain, no matter how long it took, no matter how many worlds he had to scour. He would learn who she was beneath the fear and the desperation and the lies.

Then maybe something between them could start anew. And so Jace took a step into the Blind Eternities and into the beginning of his new life.

* * *

How should I feel?

So Baltrice was killed off-screen. It was actually nice to see the hope still within Liliana's heart, even though the Spider-Man ending did take me by surprise. I received Path of the Planeswalkers II the other day, and the description for Jace called him the defacto leader of the Infinite Consortium. I thought I had spoiled the ending for myself, and instead of find the ending to be in direct contradiction to it. Did Wizards already retcon this ending? Or will Jace still end up leading the Consortium despite all his resistance to it? That's just something I'll have to put a pin in and keep in mind as I continue reading.

Anyway, one last bit to go. The Epilogue!

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