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Monday, June 13, 2011

Agents of Artifice - Chapter 24

Oh no! Emmara! Assassin at the door!

Agents of Artifice - Chapter 24

The assassin Kerstophe awaits for Emmara to answer her door, disguised as a simple delivery man, all the while an easily accessible dagger remains hidden up his sleeve. An elf answers the door, and after a few brief words which include confirming her identity, he quickly and cleanly drives the dagger into her heart, gently sets down her body down, and closes the door and walks away.


Jace runs to the body... which is still alive...? Emmara gets up and glares at him. In fact both girls turn their wrath upon the wounded man as if he did something stupid in thinking that they were incapable of taking care of themselves. With Jace being a telepath, he simply gave them warning about the assassin at the door and they had to play along with his plan since there was no time to protest.

He explains that they would have been too blunt about it and simply killed the man while his way ensures the assassin reports back of a successful kill and Emmara won't have to constantly look over her shoulder for who would be coming for her next. Considering how badly the Ravnica cell was decimated, it was likely they would never realize the truth. She might still want to  move, but this was the best way to keep her as safe as possible.


Jace had to leave. He wasn't fully healed yet, but no amount of protests by either Emmara or Liliana could get him to change his mind. He didn't know how they found her, but this just had to be.

...Hidden away in some nowhere room...

Liliana reports that her specter's are back, and that it wasn't just Emmara that was attacked. Liliana of course names off the people that were on the list she gave to Tezzeret, and when she speaks aloud about wondering how he could have known who to target, instead of throwing Jace off her trail, for just a moment a flash of intense suspicion flares through him until he manages to shake the thought from his head and convince himself that he's thinking crazy thoughts.

However Tezzeret found out, he had to be stopped. The trick now, was finding him.


In the penthouse of a pretentious man whose penthouse was full of all kinds of marble statues of famous men and figures of Ravnica, including Razia herself, Mauriel Pellam walks about admiring his collection when a hooded figure strides forward, knocks him down on his back, and says:

"Let's talk for a moment," Jace Beleren said to him, "about the messages you carry on behalf of Nicol Bolas..."

...Many Agents of Bolas later...

Jace found his way at the end of the line. One by one he tracked them up the ranks, and finally he's found the chief representative of Nicol Bolas. He's not named but he is apparently one of the most powerful sorcerers on the plane. Jace walks up to the guard and simply tells him he's there to see the magus. When the guard tells him that it's not going to happen... well... Jace was prepared for that.

...Back at the hideout...

Liliana is not happy. Jace didn't bother telling her the plan and just left her in the dark. But not worry, he's done. He's accomplished what he set out to do. He tells her that they didn't really have a way of finding out Tezzeret's location, so what's the next best thing? Find one of his mortal enemies. Nicol Bolas will have the answer.

Liliana freaks out at the idea (and we know why) and she tries to say that he's being delusional and she should take him back to Emmara's, and how could he possibly even find the location of someone who's likely even more powerful than Tezzeret.

But she wasn't listening. He accomplished his goal.

"What do you know," Jace asked her, "of a world called Grixis?"

* * *

Oh Girls

I get what Marmell was trying to do by writing in the scene where the girls get angry that the man felt like he was needed to protect them while they're perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and he should have just remained in bed to keep healing... but it didn't feel quite right to me. The transition just didn't work right. At first you're left feeling absolutely confused as so why they'd be angry that he saved her when you don't quite know what exactly went on, and then after he explains it all, it appears he was right so those stupid girls should just shut their faces and listen to what a real man has to say.


Is that want Marmell wanted to express right there? My guess is no.

Not much else to say. Can't wait to see Jace's second encounter with Nicol Bolas! Let's go to Grixis!

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