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Monday, June 6, 2011

Agents of Artifice - Chapter 17

Here we see Tezzeret's fatal flaw. The man can't be perfect, no matter how much he strives to be.

Agents of Artifice - Chapter 17

When last we saw Tezzeret, he was fleeing the revealed forces of Nicol Bolas (what a cheater). Well, that hasn't changed, but it looks like he wasn't just going to abandon Jace as I feared. He sees the mind-mage struggling to his feet and gives him a hand.

"Can you run?" Tezzeret demanded of him.


"I run or die." Jace ran.

(Don't know about you, but that made me lol.)

They were protected from Nicol Bolas thanks to the wards, but the barbarians hired on his behalf had bows and swords and were under no such limitations. Thankfully the raging blizzard was strong enough to make it difficult for any bowman to hit them. They ran, and ran, and made it into some winding canyons to shake their pursuers with the aid of simple illusion spells to blend in with the snow. But they wouldn't be shaken so easily thanks to frost creature on their trail.

Tezzeret tries to make a stand, but there appears to be no magical protection for any summons of his and Nicol Bolas simply swoops in and takes care of it so his minions can continue the pursuit. And so they flee some more. Eventually the pair makes their way into a fissure, and Tezzeret brings down the canyon walls and erects his own wall of stone. It's at this point that Jace realizes the creature is tracking them by their body heat. With no choice, Tezzeret uses one of his artifacts to generate enough cold to throw the creature off their trail to provide them the precious minutes they require to settle down an planeswalk.

...Back at base... minus a toe...

Kallist comes into the room, and tells Jace he's been summoned by Tezzeret. Jace is still in plenty of pain from the frostbite, but he goes. As he nears the door Jace can hear Tezzeret's wrath being unleashed upon Paldor, and when Jace enters, that wrath in instantly turned upon himself. Tezzeret on about how much money this event will cost him, and it's Jace's fault.

"You don't understand!" he protested weakly. "You have no clue what you were asking of me! I don't think I could have stopped him even [if] he hadn't distracted me-"

(Look at that, found my first missing word in the book.)

Those words did not make Tezzeret any happier. He would have killed Jace right then and there except he's invested too much to have his own mind-reader. And so he says he'll give Jace one more chance. But first he has to be punished. Tezzeret asks for Paldor's manablade, and Jace knew only pain.

* * *

Tezzeret and the Blame Game

Jace's fault? Paldor's? No. I think things were ruined because Tezzeret agreed to see Nicol Bolas in the first place. He just can't accept that the catastrophe is upon his own shoulders. But... Tezzeret's a smart guy. Maybe he's just saying these things in the heat of the moment, and will regret it later. That must be it. Poor 'ol Consortium leader has a lot on shoulders right now. One made of etherium, the other powered by revenge. I forgive him.

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