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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scars of Mirrodin: The Quest for Karn - Chapter 22

The end! And one last kick in the face.

Scars of Mirrodin: The Quest for Karn - Chapter 22

There's not much to do but wait and see what happens. Elspeth doesn't think she can take on Karn if this final attempt doesn't work out. She gives Melira some last instructions to flee, should the worst happen, and she'll buy her some time.

Karn wakes.

Elspeth has little time to explain what has happened, before hundreds of Phyrexians pile into the throne room. For a brief moment Elspeth thinks she sees Glissa, but no, it was just a different elven Phyrexian.

Karn sees the Phyrexians, he knows his friend is dead, and he's angry. An electric charge builds up between his fists, he pounds the ground, and the hundreds of Phyrexians are no more.

(That's it. KARN SMASH!! and the battle's over.)

Karn grieves for his lost friend, but he has work to do. He immediately strides forward. The others question what he intends to do and his reply is simply that he must clean up all the planes he has dirtied. Elspeth tells him it's too late, that he can't kill all the Phyrexians, and he agrees that she's probably right, and that they must all at least do their parts.

"We will make this right," Koth said. He stood next to Venser's dented helmet. But the others had left, and his words went unheard in the gathering darkness.

The end.

* * *

Happy Thoughts... Think Happy Thoughts...

1) It's over. No, there is no actual ending to this book. No real final battle. No resolution to the Tezzeret vs Glissa fight. No reappearance of Geth, the self appointed guardian to Karn's chamber and POV character for Chapter 6 . No outcome to the war. Nothing that shows us why finding Karn was so integral to saving the plane. (Anyone can kill Phyrexians, Melira is still the only cure.) And since this is a block book and not a book covering just one set, there is no trilogy that this is a part of that will answer any of those things. We end with both no conclusion nor climax. But it's over. At least it's over.

2) This is the worst book I have ever read. I was worried when building my site at how exactly would I be able to review books with some kind of numerical score. I'm pretty sure The Brothers' War is the best Magic the Gathering book out there, but it's hard to calibrate any kind of scale without having two points. Now I've found that. I refuse to believe there is any book that has been published by Wizards of the Coast that is worse than this book. This is my zero.

3) Ideas galore. With such a horrible book, this has certainly brought up plenty of ideas for content beyond simply writing non-spoiler review (and perhaps a more in-depth review). But I get lots of ideas, and not all of them come to fruition. So I'll keep those to myself until things become more concrete. But considering I still view this site to be in Beta (and own it, let's not forget that), I can do whatever I want.

4) It can only get better from here. Next up is most likely going to be either Agents of Artifice or Ravnica Block. The the poll closes soon.

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