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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scars of Mirrodin: The Quest for Karn - Chapter 17 - Redone

[Note: Blogger went into some "routine" maintenance that ended up being more than routine and required an emergency shut down of all blogs (putting them into read only mode) and restoring everyone to a rollback save state.]

[At time time that I write this, my Chapter 17 review has still not been restored. I have Chapter 18 and 19 written, waiting for that restoration. I am afraid that the restoration will not occur, or will take much longer than I was hoping, so at this point I'm going to attempt at recreating my post, however I feel that first impressions are always best. There are always typos of course that need to be fixed (And I know I've had plenty) but the flow of thoughts in a first impression are hard to recreate.]

What can I say? This wasn't the worst chapter.

Scars of Mirrodin: The Quest for Karn - Chapter 17

When last we left, Venser and Elspeth discovered that both Koth and Melira are gone. Venser sends out his typical blue wisps to light the way, as he usually does when they're in a poorly lit room or passage, while at the same time the guide says he can see Koth's red glow. Venser wonders why they are moving so quickly.

"They are captured," Elspeth said.

"Has any Phyrexian tried to capture us yet?" Venser said.

"They captured you."

"Well, Koth is not captured. He has the fleshling."

"Where are they going?" Elspeth said, turning to the guide, her voice raised.

(By normal conversation conventions, that third line would be spoken by Elspeth. But who is she talking to? Venser has never been captured as far I remember. It was she that was captured as a little girl. And she had to raise her voice when addressing the guide so it couldn't be him. All that's happened to Venser is that he was knocked unconscious for a moment. That's as close to it making sense as I can get, so I'm going with that.)

They run for hours, or perhaps days. (Don't they need to eat? I feels like they've been down here for weeks. I hope they had a big meal when they were in the Mirran camp.) Then the trail of the glowing Koth is gone. The guide stops to feel the ground for vibrations and realizes that they are being pursued themselves by a large group of Phyrexians. With Phyrexians behind and the wall just ahead according to the guide, they have no option but to fight.

It's a losing battle and Elspeth refuses to be captured again so she gives Venser permission to just teleport to safety. Venser considers it for a brief moment but he can't leave her. He breathes in four breathes (the standard way he's been gathering mana), and when he feels that his brainpan is full (Wintermute's word, not mine) he teleports in middel of the horde and begins tapping on them.

Each tap sent a pulse through the metal exoskeleton. The pulse traveled the raceway of metal, picking up speed and amplifying itself. By the time it reached the brains of the creatures, it was powerful enough to cause a massive attack. The creatures fell seconds after he touched them.

(More on this later.)

Only a few Phyrexians remained, few enough for Elspeth to easily handle. But the fight wasn't over yet. More Phyrexians approached from the darkness and this time they were overwhelmed. But before the planeswalkers are slain (Who knows where their guide is), Tezzeret appears.

He questions them about where Melira is, and when he decides they're telling the truth that she ran off with Koth, he orders the Phyrexians to take the two back to Glissa for skinning, as per her orders, and he continues his hunt.

After only a few hours in some unknown direction (and not days), the Phyrexians hit a wall that they can't seem to find the opening to. In fact, the exit is so hard to find that nearly all the Phyrexians are pounding on the walls looking for the hidden button.

It's during this commotion that Koth and Melira reappear. And while the Phyrexians are distracted, the Phyrexians keeping hold of the captured planeswalkers are easily taken care of and reunited group (including the guide) quietly walk away. Koth warns Venser to never speak of what he had done, ever. (I guess he stopped feeling like he was going to be a hero by returning to the surface, and instead felt like a coward for leaving behind the other two.)

After walking, and not running, in an unknown direction for an unspecified amount of time (but presumably not too long, the roar of alarm at the missing prisoners is raised. There isn't much time to escape, and the guide can't get the door open either. The mechanism has been shut down, Venser suspects Tezzeret. With no choice, Venser pulls out his vial and downs the whole bottle. He then reaches out with his artificer's knowledge and unlocks the door. The groups make it through and locks just in the nick of time.

* * *

Venser's Attack

So let's get this straight. Venser sent an electrical charge through the Phyrexians, which travels at so fast a rate that the distance between the location he taps and their brains is pretty much less than negligible, and it still gathers speed an momentum, so much so that that added force is the key to killing them? Let's just say it's magic and move on.

Venser's Habit

So it wasn't Koth and Melira that was attacked, but Venser and Elspeth. That's also a valid way to go about it. But they're reunited already so what did we get out of the chapter? Pretty much the only thing of importance is that Venser finished his last bottle. If I understand it right he'll soon be drained of all his mana, and have to proceed from there.

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